The Blue Blade’s Alt Delete, an interactive play, is a blast from the past

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I’m inside a computer lab that’s a product of the ’80s with a retro arcade cabinet, a computer with a CRT monitor, and ’80s music blasting outside. There’s body on the ground and another near the computer desk. A message pops up on the monitor, and it instructs me to stand up against the wall. All of a sudden, everything was going in reverse, and the man near the computer desk starts to move backward, coming back to life. Lasers also appear out of nowhere, and if we both were to pass through it, we would both be goners. This is Alt Delete, an interactive play that continues The Blue Blade Saga. If you haven’t done interactive theater yet, it’s the next evolution of entertainment where you’re part of the action with live actors on a real set.

The Great Company and creator Jon Braver (Delusion) expand the Blue Blade Saga with the spinoff chapter, Alt Delete. Delusion focused more on horror elements, but with The Blue Blade Saga, participants are thrust into an adventure as they travel through time including World War II. Alt Delete continues the time-traveling action, only this time, you’re transported back into the ’80s. It’s like stepping into your favorite ’80s films including Tron and Back to Future.

In the original Blue Blade show, your job was to stop rogue scientist Evelyn Lowell. She is running a black market time travel business thanks to the Blue Blade, an object that allows her to travel through time. In Alt Delete, you now play the part of her Underwriter, who’s tasked with covering her tracks so that she can continue her business. For this show, there’s been a breach in Lowell’s computer lab in 1982, and our job is to figure out what’s happening and to get rid of any trails.

When we first started out, we had to meet up at a top-shelf gamer clubhouse in Los Angeles called Dragon & Meeple. It helped set the mood as we were traveling from 2019 to 1982. The production designers did a wonderful job of making you feel like you’re in the past. There’s a CRT monitor, a big fat floppy disk, a retro arcade cabinet, a cassette player, and ’80s items. The actor helping us looked like he came out of a Miami Vice show. There are all sorts of activities that require us to be action heroes, like dodging lasers and getting hoisted up to complete a mission.

Although this chapter is a shorter experience compared to the usual hour-long experiences, Alt Delete is a total blast from the past and packed with exhilarating high-tech missions. Fans of the ’80s will definitely get a kick out of all the little Easter eggs. The Great Company and Jon Braver have crafted another wonderful journey where you’ll feel like main characters in an adventure movie.

Alt Delete is a 20-minute experience. With a smaller show, the ticket prices are also cheaper starting at $38. Located at Dragon & Meeple (3742 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90007), it’s now running until the end of November on the following dates: October 30, 31, November 1-3, 6-7, 9-10, 13-14, 16-17, 21, 23. For tickets, visit

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