Hello Neighbor’s Secret Neighbor hits PC and Xbox One

Halloween’s almost here, so it’s time to download a bunch of the best horror games to your PC and consoles to meet the Night of the Dead, all guns blazing. Hello Neighbor is an awesome candidate for such an occasion, and it’s presenting a huge multiplayer standalone on Halloween. It means that you can jump in with a bunch of friends and experience some real horror together.

The New Faces

The evil Neighbor is still the same middle-aged guy with a mustache and sly eyes, but the protagonist has changed. Actually, there are 6 of them now, and each has unique traits that will be handy for cooperation. Bagger carries stuff in his backpack; Detective is good at finding the keys; Brave can escape the Neighbor’s grip and throw things; Scout has a slingshot; Inventor can make a torch or something; finally, Leader can cheer up everyone within the 10-meter radius to make them run faster. It must be hilarious to pick up the roles for your friends, watch them struggling to survive, and squeaking from jitters.

Social Horror

The Neighbor is now a playable character, but you can never tell who is playing it because the role is assigned randomly. If you become a traitor in disguise, your job is to pretend and do your best to gain the trust of other players. As soon as you get behind the back of anyone in a quiet place, take something sharp, and do your bloody job. Besides, you can use traps and a wide range of other gadgets to fool and catch your unsuspecting friends. They must keep eyes wide open to detect suspicious behavior and be quick to run away and warn others.

The New Challenge

Some of the primary objectives of the original Hello Neighbor remained the same. You have to find the keys from the basement that are scattered around the house, unlock the door, and explore the underground. It’s not as clear as it sounds, though. Every goal is approachable only through deliberate cooperation. Some characters are good at researching, while the others can protect them and shout “run” when it’s time to. The suspense is incredibly intense because you always know that anyone can be the traitor and pull a knife between the shoulder blades.

In the role of the Neighbor, you always start as a kid, and you’re supposed to activate different mysterious machines to enable the power of transformation. It lets you turn into the Neighbor anytime or take the form of any object to sneak from behind and scare players all of a sudden.

Custom Matchmaking

Secret Neighbor lets you not only play with the people you know on the custom server but also to join the game with random people who are online at the moment. There’s also an option to create custom public servers with your own rules and wait for players to join automatically.

Before starting a match, you can customize your characters with various outfits. The Creepy Neighbor loves dressing up too, so don’t forget to cheer him up with a nice new Halloween sweater or a pumpkin hat.

Spooky Halloween!

This Hello Neighbor multiplayer standalone will make your Halloween holiday even more thrilling. Collect the candies around the neighborhood, switch your PC or Xbox on, and enjoy hanging up with friends till dawn.

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