Cyber Spirits, an immersive maze where ghosts meet technology

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Technology can be a blessing and a curse, and sci-fi movies love to depict it as sentient and evil. We’ve seen this with Terminator and The Matrix, but what if there’s an actual ghost in your computer right now. Is it watching you? Is it collecting your data? Cyber Spirits, a new immersive maze from ULO, asks such questions. Nerd Reactor had the chance to check it out, and it’s a slightly creepy and humorous experience that’s great for the Halloween season.

Cyber Spirits is an immersive maze located at Row DTLA. It’s a multi-room experience created by Daisy Studio and directed by kyttenjanae, written by Dave Kornfield (The Onion), and curated by Nextart.

The exterior of the maze is hiding in plain sight, with windows covered up and a giant ULO sign plastered across. Those curious enough to enter will be in for a treat as they are transported into a different world with sets and installations. Entering the first room made us feel at ease as we wait inside a colorful lobby containing a television set and couches. There’s a friendly and animated mascot on the TV named Compy, and he’s excited to join us on our journey. Not all is sunshine and rainbows since there are signs of another entity trying to break out.

Once the video presentation with Compy is over, a tour guide with a monotone voice greets us… as if she was possessed by a digital spirit. We would walk from room to room, and the progression would show the degradation of Compy. One moment, he’s a cheerful computer, and in other moments, a ghost would try to take over. An actor helps bring eeriness and humor inside the maze filed with CRT monitors, video art, projection, installations, and more.

Cyber Spirits is a fun and short adventure inside an immersive maze where ghosts are present inside technology. It’s located at Row DTLA, with Tickets going for $13 each. It runs every 15 minutes, and the hours are Tuesday-Friday: 6-10pm, Saturday: 2-11pm, Sunday: 11am-6pm. The maze is now open until November 3, 2019.

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