The Outer Worlds launch trailer is here. Will you be the hero or villain?

The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division have released the launch trailer for its highly anticipated game, The Outer Worlds. This is an ambitious first-person RPG from the developer that brought us Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic II. The trailer features plenty of action and asks you what type of character you’ll be? Will you be a hero? Or maybe a villain? You can also choose to play as an assassin or a brawler. There’s a lot of choices to be made in the space adventure.

In Outer Worlds, you play as either a hero or villain who’s on a mission inside a colony ship. Things go haywire, and now you’re trapped in a faraway solar system controlled by corporations. You’ll have plenty of weapons and outfits at your disposal, and you can be ruthless to the NPCs from the different planets. Will you help out the companies, or will you fight for the people? The choice is yours.

You’ll be joined by companions who will help you out on your missions, and you can choose to recruit them or leave them behind. If fighting outlaws with allies isn’t your thing, you can opt to battle the world by yourself. Check out our hands-on preview of the game here.

If you want to see more gameplay footage, you can check out Obsidian hosting a Twitch Plays, the first-ever Twitch Plays for a pre-released game. You can check the stream out on October 22nd on

The Outer Worlds will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC (via the Microsoft Windows Store and Epic Games store) on October 25, 2019. You can preload the game now if you pre-ordered the digital copies. The Nintendo Switch version will be released at a later time.

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