Mainframe announces Project X Gaming Loungewear

Mainframe is an apparel company that specializes in simple, clean looks for gamers. They are also sponsors of professional and collegiate esports teams. This relatively new company started small in Utah but has expanded rapidly. The Mainframe website has more information about the company and its current Fall 2019 collection.

Project X

Nearly a week ago, Mainframe announced a new line called Project X. This new line is focused on creating gaming loungewear. But, what does that mean? Project X consists of a hoodie and joggers. This is not just an ordinary set of sweats. Project X is specifically designed to make a more convenient and comfortable gaming experience. For example:

  • Headset friendly hoodie
  • Mesh audio panels
  • Quilted forearms
  • Scalloped back
  • Kangaroo storage pocket
  • Cinched cuff sleeve and jogger
  • Deep zipper pockets
  • 4-way stretch breathable fabric

This is by no means “groundbreaking”, but it looks convenient and has a great fit. Most companies that make gaming gear think they only need to add RGB or flashy colors to appease the fans. While I am guilty of having too many RGB items, it is nice to see a company spend time studying what players want from their clothes.

Everyday Use

Although it may be silly to wear a hoodie with a headset on, that seems to be a fashion trend for streamers. The Kangaroo storage pocket is something that is particularly intriguing. There are many times in which food or sustenance is required while gaming. Walking a plate of food or snack from the kitchen, back to the desk or couch can be difficult with a controller in hand. Most would likely use the pocket to hold the controller or their phone.

Zipper pockets are another design that works well with gaming. With the amount of sitting that takes place, items in pockets try their best to escape their captivity. Similar to Adidas’ active pants, the joggers will have zippers to ensure that items don’t fall out when shifting or getting up while playing. The scalloped fit adds a modern look and keeps the back from scrunching up when playing for hours.

It is particularly interesting that Project X has quilted forearms. This is something that was obviously created by someone who games on PC. Resting forearms on a desk can cause some discomfort, depending on the sharpness of the edges of the desk. It will be interesting to see how helpful that will be.

More on Project X

While there might be gaming apparel that has some of these features, Mainframe had the audacity to throw them all together. However, it seems as though Project X depends on the success of the Kickstarter. Having used and worn Mainframe apparel in the past, it will not be surprising if this is funded. More information on what backers will receive and updates on Project X can be found on the Kickstarter page.

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