One Piece’s entire history condensed into 2-hour essay

One Piece

For the last two decades, the anime and manga One Piece has been entertaining die-hard fans with over 400 million books sold, outdoing other popular titles such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Case Closed. To commemorate its 20-year anniversary coming this weekend, Crunchyroll put together an ultimate video timeline for the beloved series. 

20 years of One Piece means that there’s a lot of history to cover. Thankfully, Tim from Crunchyroll sits through the entire history to compile a two-hour video to go over every last detail from the series. Tim hits on the anime, mangas, games, live shows, and even the birth of Oda. 

Making this 2-hour essay wasn’t an overnight success. In fact, it took the folks over at Crunchyroll an entire month to create the video. Tim combed through the entire canon of One Piece arcs, which totals 31. He watched 15 One Piece movies, with the 16th one scheduled to hit US theaters very soon, played or watched footage of every One Piece game made (44 total), and dug deep into all 20 live One Piece events. Tim’s hard work and dedication can be watched down below.

Now if you’re thinking that 2 hours is a long time to break down the entire history of One Piece, it can be. But One Piece has given fans 20 long years of memorable moments. This video essay is perfect not only die-hard fans who want to take a trip down memory lane, but also for those individuals who never watched the series.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what the series is about, but can’t invest the time that Tim has, then this video was made just for you.

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