The Division 2’s next episode Pentagon: The Last Castle is available now

The Division 2

If there is any time to get back into The Division 2, it is now with the Pentagon being added as the next destination for Episode 2. This major title update drops on October 15 for Year 1 passholders and October 22 for everyone else. This is a free update which is a big change from how the original Division game was monetized which was pay per new episode. I felt that the best part of Divison was running through co-op missions with 3 of your buddies. With these 2 new main missions, you can relive the moments again with your fallen buddy crawling to safety while you throw your gun turret to hold the enemy back. Yes, the Division still needs you to save the Pentagon, and you can do so starting today.

New Main Missions

Two new main missions will take you to the Pentagon to fight the Black Tusk. The Black Tusk has seized a bioreactor, which contains a cure to green poison. Along with these new missions, you will be unlocking a new Safe Area that will give you access to these 2 replayable main missions. The first mission will have you finding the location of the bioreactor inside of the Pentagon while the Black Tusk attempt to extract it. The second main mission will have you going through a DARPA lab and chasing down the bioreactor through an abandoned Cold War tunnel network. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about because Episode 2 will also introduce you to a new backup.

Pentagon: The Last Castle.

New Specialization, Technician

The new specialization, Technician, will be missile launcher based. You’ll be able to lock-on up to 6 enemies and let the missiles fly. This sounds like Gundam, and very awesome. Along with this new specialized weapon, the Technician will also have access to a new Maxim 9 sidearm and a new Hive Variant that buffs active friendly deployed skills. Year 1 passholders will have instant access to this specialization starting October 15. For the rest of us, the Technician can be unlocked by completing a set of objectives similar to how the Gunner Specialization was unlocked.

Technician Specialization:

  • Signature Weapon: P-017 Launcher – a multi-missile launcher. Agents can lock-on and hit up to six enemies (depending on available ammo). With a simple push of a button, six missiles are unleashed to seek out their targets.
  • Sidearm: Maxim 9
  • Skill Variant: Artificer Hive
  • Grenade Mod: EMP Grenade

More Info about the Technician Specialization:

Episode 2 new specialization, the rocket launching Technician.

2 New Classified Assignments for Year 1 Passholders

Exclusive to Year 1 passholders are two new classified assignments. These classified assignments will take you to a Boathouse and an Embassy. In the past, these classified missions were a way to access new exclusive Backpack Trophies, but we have not heard of any indication for Episode 2. These classified assignments were just pretty quick half missions, but maybe there’s some fun out of these. We’ll all find out on launch day.

New Conflict PvP Mode Called “Team Elimination”

In my Division experience, most PVP took place in the Dark Zone, but there are other ways to PvP in the Division in a mode called Conflict. Episode 2 will add a new mode called “Team Elimination” which will be like a team deathmatch kind of deal. A new map will also be released called “The Wharf.”

Gear Set 4 Piece Bonus Revamp

The community spoke, and the developers listened. Introduced in Episode 2 will be a more flexible way to equip your gear sets. Out are the 6 piece bonuses, which you’ll now be able to attain full abilities with only 4 pieces. This will make it easier to equip that exotic piece of gear along with full gear set bonuses.

Other miscellaneous fixes:

  • Targeted Loot
  • Named Items overhauled
  • Crafting Changes
  • Recalibration Changes
  • Filled Brands
  • Inventory Management 2.0
  • Increased stash space (100 spaces to 300 spaces)
  • Rebalance of talents and weapons
  • Dark Zone Server Transfers
  • Updated Thieves’ Den Vendor
  • Dark Zone Supply Drops Changes
  • Occupied Dark Zone Ambushes
  • Normalization in Dark Zone changes
  • Conflict: Loadout Selection during map voting
  • Bonus armor visualization increased
  • Conflict: End of Match Rewards changes
  • Stored tutorials

The Second Raid Delayed

As a follow up to the first 8-man raid called Dark Hours, a second raid was pending on the schedule for a late 2019 release. The date has now been delayed, and we will not see the second raid until 2020. This might be good news since the extra time will allow the developers to bring the best experience possible to both PC AND console players. It is not yet known what type of team coordination will be required for the second raid, but if it’s anything like Dark Hours, then prepare yourself for a tactical challenge.

Free Play Weekend

If you’ve been waiting to see if The Division 2 was for you, then you’re in luck because this weekend October 17-20, Division 2 will be free to play on Xbox One, PS4, and uPlay. Those who fall in love will have a chance to purchase The Division 2 at a reduced cost. If you simply cannot wait, our spies are seeing the Division 2 going for a reduced price on Amazon right now. Check it out.

The Year 1 Pass gives players even more content to The Division 2, including early access to Episode 2 content. For full details on what’s included with the Year 1 Pass, please visit

Episode 2 Trailer:

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