The Séance is a spine-chilling interactive theater experience where you talk to ghosts

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I’m inside a dark room and calling out to a ghost using old rituals. The lights are flickering intensely, and the whole room shakes loudly as the spirits roam around. A ghastly face fades into a mirror, floating unnaturally and speaking in a fearful voice. She needs my help to free her, but can she be trusted? There’s only one way to find out as I’m looking for artifacts in The Séance.

Cross Roads Escape Games is the premier escape room experience in Orange County, and it has turned the concept and expanded on them with innovative gameplay elements. Hex Room is inspired by horror movies and separates your group into different rooms, and you must solve puzzles in order to reunite with your team. Psych Ward splits your group into two different teams, and it becomes a game of who to trust. (The party games, Secret Hitler and Werewolf, comes to mind.) This year, the escape room company is branching out with interactive theater where a small group sits around a table inside a dimly-lit room filled with creepy objects. We had the chance to participate in the horror show, and The Séance is a spine-chilling experience where we interacted with the afterlife.

Madam Ruby is our host of the night. Together with our small group, we would take part in a dark journey where we would summon the dead. Thanks to the ritual and a combination of old and new technology like the EMF meter and a planchette, we were able to make contact. The room was filled with all sorts of items, and it’s a treasure trove for ghosts. These items would move, and others would drop around us. It was truly a haunting moment.

The Séance

What seemed like an interesting night of contacting ghosts quickly turned into a scary adventure of survival. By contacting the spirits, we accidentally unleashed something sinister, and it was up to us to put a stop to it. There will be moments where we’ll have to make a sacrifice, perform a powerful incantation, and uncover a secret that has haunted a loved one.

The one-hour experience utilizes everything around us to great effect to tell a story of love and loss all inside a dark room. The Séance is truly a thrilling and haunting experience that’s great for the Halloween season. This is interactive theater with live actors and special effects. We really felt like we were part of the story. There are all kinds of interactive theaters all over the Los Angeles area, and we’re happy to see Orange County have one of its own, thanks to Cross Roads Escape Games.

The Séance is directed by Madison Rhoades and produced by Madison & Luke Rhoades. It is now running until November 3, 2019, at Cross Roads Escape Games in Anaheim, CA. For tickets, visit

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