Bite is an offbeat theatrical dining experience with vampires

I’m inside a vampire’s room, and it’s filled with pop-culture references all over the walls and K-pop music playing in the background. Hakan is flamboyant and fun, and here I am not worried about being bitten as we share our excitement over actors and musicians. Hey, it’s a new era, and vampires have learned to adapt to our environment.

HELA Productions has been producing immersive experiences in the Los Angeles area including escape rooms and interactive theater. The Halloween season is upon us, and its new interactive theater chapter, Bite, is a vampiric dining experience incorporating fun and entertainment with a hint of horror. We had the chance to participate, and it was an intoxicating experience as we interacted with all sorts of vampires, drank and ate, and watched our hosts sing and dance.

Bite is held at The Count’s Den in downtown Los Angeles, and you must be 21 and over since it includes alcohol and adult themes. As guests, Countess Yizidora (Elif Savas) and her family are very accommodating, even if some of them can be intense in nature. It’s a special event, and the dress code is cocktail casual. Yizidora aims to make sure we have a good time, and the rest of the family is eager to bring you into their world. (Although there is a part of me that’s always cautious around vampires.)

The show is split into two parts, with the first allowing you to go at your pace as you learn more about the clan. The second half becomes a dining experience where you can chat with clan members and other guests while enjoying the night’s entertainment.

Leofwine (Ian Heath) is the first vampire of the night to interact with me, and he’s Yizidora’s brother. He loves to be intimate, and he whispers into my ears and holds my hands. He’s definitely taking a liking to me as he stares intensely into my eyes. I later meet with Dante (Kelly McMinn), a servant of the clan and a werewolf. Our interaction has me explaining to him what cats are. I even pointed out to him the paintings on the walls featuring cats, but that didn’t help much. And then there’s Meggy (Michaela Slezak), a vampire fan who wears a shirt with a vampire teeth chest window. She is interested in Dante, but she is shy around him. We decided to sneak around the house to learn more about the family. That’s when the tension started as Meggy is shunned by Sorana (Libby Rose), the daughter of Yizidora and brother of Hakan (Anes Hasi).

Once you’ve acquainted yourself with the family, the latter half of the theatrical show is a dining experience with food by GaiGan Thai. Edmond (Patrick Beckstead), the Den’s servant, helps out with food. We had chicken pad thai, but there is a vegan option. Edmond doesn’t have a tongue, so communicating can be difficult, but he definitely shined as he danced for the guests.

Bite is a delightful dining experience, surprisingly with vampires. It’s a lengthy and immersive show with fun characters and a venue that transports you into a different world. The actors will try to make every effort in giving you an engaging experience. If you’re in a fun group, you’ll definitely have a great time.

Bite is a 90-minute experience and costs $75. It includes the show, catered dinner, open bar with beer, wine and cocktails. To get tickets, you can visit

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