Grid, the latest motorsport game fro Codemasters, is now available


GRID is the motorsport series from developer Codemasters, and the fourth racing game in the series is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Titled GRID, it features different AI personalties and the nemesis relationships where a driver can become a rival if you play dirty. With the release of the game, a new launch trailer has been released that shows off the intense racing world.

GRID will have car handling options that will cater to fans of simulation and the more casual racing fans. Driver AI is a feature that’s being pushed, and it features 400 AI personalities that range from calm to aggressive. Examples include drivers trying to prevent a rival from passing and drivers delaying their brake to stay as the leader of the race.

Other features include 104 career events, 12 race locations, known drivers like Fernando Alonso and his esports team, FA Racing Logitech G, and the return of Ravenwest Motorsport.

“As a team, we are incredibly proud of the game we have made and excited that players around the world can finally get their hands on it,” said Chris Smith, GRID Game Director at Codemasters. “We set out with three goals; make a game that puts the player in control and allows them to play their way. For the game to feel alive and celebrate the drama of motorsport. Lastly, make a game that is for everyone; to have the best handling which appeals to both core racing fans and casual players. We have put all of this into GRID and we look forward to hearing feedback from our players.”


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