Adventure simulation, Pine, is now available on PC, Mac, Linux

Developer Twirlbound and publisher Kongregate have announced today that Pine is now available on PC, Mac, and Linux. In addition, a launch trailer has been released that shows off the beautiful and animated world of Albamare. The adventure simulation has players control Hue, a young explorer on a mission to find a new home for himself and his small tribe.

The launch trailer features combat, trading, exploration, archery, horseback riding, and dangerous creatures. Check it out below.

Synopsis: In Pine, players take on the role of Hue, a clever young adult who has to explore the beautiful island world of Albamare as he helps his small, struggling human tribe find a new home. Albamare is packed with a diverse array of species who constantly compete for food and territory. Players will have to decide when to befriend or hinder any particular species through trade, questing, and fighting. Along the way, Hue will explore a huge, seamless open world full of secrets, puzzles, and collectibles.

Pine is a successful Kickstarter project, and Twirlbound has been working on the game for over four years. Founded in 2013, the video game development studio is based in Breda, The Netherlands. This is an ambitious project for the studio due to its big open world.

Pine is now available on Steam, Kartridge, and GOG. A Nintendo Switch version will be available on November 12, 2019.

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