GWDI launches Kickstarter for hands free smart glasses

The technology of today has our eyes and hands constantly glued to them, but both big and small tech companies are working to find ways on how we can alleviate that. GWD Bio-Intelligence (GWDBI) is launching its new Kickstarter campaign for its HiiDii smart glasses, a stylish pair that will allow users to multi-task across their devices without the need of touching a screen.

The HiiDii will be a one-of-a-kind pair of glasses that will change every area of a user’s life. Using a mixture of blink-detection and gyroscope technology, users will be able to control their devices using eye and head movements. The HiiDii will be able to be used with Windows, Mac OS, and Android. It will have a 30-foot Bluetooth range and a battery life that will last for 10 hours, while only requiring a one-hour charge. 

Giving the HiiDii a bit more functionality, the glasses will be available with anti-blue and prescription lenses, as well as a sunglass lens, making them useful at any time, regardless of the time of day. As a pair of glasses that are intended to be worn for long periods of time, comfort will be a vital feature. The HiiDii’s will come with adjustable ear hooks and ergonomic nose pads to ensure that users have a perfect fit every time. The smart glasses will be available in black or white frames. 

As life moves a mile a minute, having our hands free as much as possible can be a lifesaver, and in today’s digital world, the HiiDii’s want to be those hands with the added benefit of not smudging your screens. These revolutionary smart glasses will let you scroll through ingredient lists, read while you pet your dog or cat, and even answer calls without reaching for your phone. 

The HiiDii glasses are available now through the Kickstarter pre-sale and will ship with an expected date of March 2020. Backers can purchase frame-only glasses for $80 or $100 for frames with lenses. The early-bird prices give backers a 60% savings off of the MSRP which will be $189 for frames only and $259 for frames with lenses.

You can visit the HiiDii Kickstarter campaign here which will end in 33 days.

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