The greatest stealth Goose simulator ever

By Tommy Thai

Perhaps the strangest thing that has happened this year in the video gaming scene isn’t going to be Kojima’s visually striking Death Stranding. Instead, maybe it will amusingly be new indie developer House House’s Metal Gear Solid-inspired stealth puzzle game, Untitled Goose Game, which was released earlier this month on September 20th for PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. In a previous article by us, there was a somewhat amusing tongue-in-cheek joke that it would be the next game of the year. There is no joke about how massive and sudden Untitled Goose Game’s social media presence exploded almost overnight, however.

The goofy stealth-action game has been taking sites like Twitter by storm with its goofy graphics and quirky gameplay. People are learning about it through just about every online avenue – from gameplay videos garnering millions of views to its memes getting thousands of retweets and likes.

The gameplay itself is simple enough. You are a goose. You have a list of tasks to do. Your tasks vary from getting a completely innocent boy stuck in a phone booth to ruining a gardener’s day with your kleptomaniac desire for everything shiny. Naturally of course, most people do not take kindly to a random goose stealing their things. However, this is where the true intelligence comes in – this is no ordinary goose. You can bait the gardener into getting distracted enough to spill his drink with a well-timed honk – which leads to an opportune moment to quietly slip a delicious carrot into your quickly growing picnic blanket collection. Truly, this is the pinnacle of stealth video games dating back to Metal Gear.

Perhaps most importantly in all this though is the lesson that Untitled Goose Game gives us in 2019. What the people want isn’t the most high-end 4k textured graphics, but just the simple desire to be a rude waterfowl whose sole mission is to ruin everyone else’s day.

Check out the trailer below!

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