OMEN shines bright at TwitchCon 2019

TwitchCon 2019 brought out the best of the live streaming platform, with tons of events and games that entertained its thousands of attendees. But on the expo floor, the real star of the show belonged to OMEN by HP. For this year’s TwitchCon, OMEN wanted to do things a little bit differently and they pulled out all the stops to give guests something truly memorable.

The one considerable change you noticed about OMEN while at TwitchCon was its updated color scheme. They did away with the black and red colors and replaced them with a gradient that has touches of pink, red, and orange. This new colorway gives the brand not only a brighter feel but also makes it more inviting. While other PC brands are sticking with black, OMEN’s new look is a way for the brand to represent that gaming has now become all-inclusive, meaning that video games aren’t just for boys anymore. Fortunately, OMEN’s physical products will still carry the black and red scheme, but I’m sure it won’t be long until we see them fully transition to the new colors.

Now for OMEN, they wanted to approach TwitchCon with something different. Yes, the easy thing to do was to simply set up a booth and show off their latest in computing gear. But every vendor does that. So to stand out from the rest, OMEN built their booth around the idea of being interactive, and what they came up with was what they dubbed the “Gaming Lab Test,” which consisted of seven challenging games that visitors can play. These seven games followed the traits that you would often see and use while playing video games, which were teamwork, focus, memory, mental stamina, responsiveness, creativity, and strategic thinking.

The games were executed brilliantly. They were fun but at the same time offered a bit of a challenge. Each was creative in its own way with some of the games giving off a nostalgic vibe, playing off of retro games such as “Snake” and “Simon Says.” One of my favorite games had to be “creativity,” which ended up being a digital game of Pictionary. You were given a word, in which you had to channel your best artistic skills to then draw the said word. An A.I. system would then do its best to determine what you were drawing. I might be biased when I say it was my favorite game because it’s the one I scored the best in. However, it was a game that also showcases the possible future of gaming, using A.I. and deep learning technology to cater to our enjoyment. 

Keeping up with the tradition of competition, visitors who played the seven challenges had the chance to win OMEN gear, and all it took was for you to simply be the best. Achieve the top score on the leaderboards and you would walk away with some OMEN products, which they were giving away every hour. So it was very possible that if you were truly the best in their games, you would walkway with an entire gaming setup. Each attendee also received an animated gif of their results, so they can always see what traits they can improve on.

Of course, these games wouldn’t be playable if it weren’t for OMEN’s line of products, which were on full display. Some products allowed visitors to try things out including the new OBELISK desktop, OMEN x 2S,  Photon Mouse, Outpost Mousepad, Encoder Keyboard, and the X 27 Display. The booth also showcased the new OMEN COMMAND CENTER, a central hub that will let users customize and tweak their OMEN products, stream your gaming to other devices, get online coaching from an A.I. system, and best of all, win rewards from completing game challenges.

Yes, walking away with PC gear at any convention is great, but OMEN wanted players to walk away with something more. We often don’t think about it, but the traits that OMEN tested are the ones that just don’t apply to gaming, but to our everyday lives. Going through the gaming lab test, I walked away with a better understanding of where I excel and fall short in my skills. And it’s with this newfound information that I can make the necessary tweaks, which can hopefully translate into me becoming a better gamer, which in the end is something all gamers truly strive for.

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