A Last of Us Part II Primer, plus release date revealed

By Tommy Thai

Back in 2016 and in truly stunning fashion, Naughty Dog revealed The Last of Us Part II at Sony’s annual Playstation Experience. We learned that the action-survival game that touched so many of our heartstrings was receiving a highly-anticipated sequel that was already deep in development. Later on, we got our first real gameplay trailer at E3 2018 that told us a little bit more about the story and the changes that have happened since the first game’s ending.

Ellie is all grown up now, discovering her own independence in the tough and brutal world ravaged by the Cordyceps virus. She is implied to be the main playable character in the trailers now. At an older age, she now doesn’t need Joel’s help for everything as she takes on a hostile group all by herself in the trailer with an arsenal of weapons and stealth. While Joel’s absence is noticeable in this one, he still makes a return in the game itself later as shown in the latest trailer.

Eurogamer recently did an interview with Halley Gross, a writer working on the game. In it, Gross spoke about how much The Last of Us Part II focuses on Ellie’s resilience and strength.

“We want to see people get knocked down, but they get knocked down and find their way back and keep pushing,” he said. “So much of the narrative we’re focusing on is how you figure out how to pick yourself up but how much has the world changed – and why do you do it. Is it worth it?”

It’s clear that Naughty Dog is attempting to do a different story than the one before about familial connections in a torn and desperate world. A story about a world that is just as brutal and unforgiving – and the possibly justified rage that comes along with it.

The attention to detail Naughty Dog has put into this game from the trailer itself is absolutely inspiring – from the debris physics in the form of ricocheting bullets to the gorgeous lighting present everywhere. Even Troy Baker, voice of Joel in the game, believes in the sheer detail Naughty Dog has put into the game.

“There is nothing about this game, nor the reveals, that hasn’t been 100% carefully crafted and methodically curated,” Baker said.

One change of note, however, is that The Last of Us Part II will not ship with multiplayer modes according to an interview done by Polygon, to the dismay of quite a few fans. However, they have not entirely ruled out the possibility of adding in multiplayer modes down the road.

So those are the main details revealed so far – and Sony has just announced the actual release date of The Last of Us Part II to be February 21, 2020, exclusively for PS4 in their new trailer of the game. Don’t miss out on what could be one of next year’s biggest launches and hopefully a worthy sequel to the original classic.

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