Konosuba coming to Crunchyroll Movie Night in November

New York Comic Con is underway, and as we can expect to hear some big news coming from the convention, Crunchyroll got the ball rolling with some announcements that will surely excite their fans. During their industry panel that took place today, the streaming provider announced that their upcoming Crunchyroll Movie Night will have an encore presentation.

In partnership with Fathom Events, the next movie night that will be premiering is “KONOSUBA – God’s blessing on this wonderful world!- Legend of Crimson,” which will be held in over 600 theaters across the country on November 12. To ensure that all their fans can catch the movie in theaters, Fathom Events added an encore night on November 14. Tickets for the added night will be available on Fathomevents.com starting on October 18th.

The news didn’t stop with just the encore presentation of KONOSUBA, Crunchyroll had also revealed that a new Crunchyroll co-production will be headed to their streaming platform in Spring 2020. Titled “Woodpecker Detective’s Office,” this new production will follow the genius poet Ishikawa Takuboku, who is struggling financially. He decides to start a detective business out of his home in response to a particular murder case.

Takuboku begins to involve himself with strange cases one after another. He brings his hometown friend Kindaichi Kyosuke along with him who acts as his assistant. As Takuboku cases begin to take him all around Tokyo at the height of Westernization, it starts to drag in other literally men such as Nomura Kodo, Yoshii Isamu, Hagiwara Sakutaro, and Wakayama Bokusui.

Tickets for the November 12 movie night of KONOSUBA are available now which is already selling out. You can watch a trailer of the movie below.

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