Post-apocalyptic ocean survival game, Flotsam, now available for Early Access


From developer Pajama Llama, Flotsam is a post-apocalyptic survival game that’s set on the ocean, and it’s now available for Early Access on Steam and Kartridge. The game has you building a floating town on the ocean, and you’ll need to gather resources for the townspeople in order to survive.

Flotsam is named after the floating debris and items from a shipwreck, and you’ll start off as a small base on the ocean. Imagine the world of Waterworld starring Kevin Costner, only this time you get to build your own little Waterworld. Your goal is to control the few survivors and have them recycle in order to grow your town. Since this is a survival game, you’ll need to keep an eye on their health. Make sure that there are enough water, food and rest, and you’ll need to do this by fishing, sailing to collect wreckage, recruit survivors, building houses and discover islands with better materials.

“We’ve set out on this journey as a small boat trying to make big waves. When you all paddle along together, the waves are even more exciting. We hope to see you in Early Access,” says cofounder and project manager Juda-ben Gordier. “From the very beginning we felt that publicly sharing our game would be a great bonus. Early Access enables us to involve you in the development and create an ever richer experience. Town-builders and flooded worlds are particularly suited for this process. Become a drifter and help us salvage this polluted scrap and garbage into a beautiful town!”

Flotsam is now available for Early Access on Steam,, and Kartridge with a retail price of $24.99. The game is set for a 2020 release. Pajama Llama has plans to make the game replayable with a world that’s always changing, new biomes and landmarks.

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