Bar of Dreams is a wacky and comedic interactive theater

Credit: Bar of Dreams [Jonathan Pedigo as Will and Alex Leff as Connie]

Interactive theater and immersive theater are the next evolution of live theater, and Los Angeles residents have been blessed with these captivating and elaborate shows like Delusion and Creep LA. Most of these experiences have been focused on the horror genre, but there have been other productions branching out. For example, actors and creators Jonathan Pedigo and Alex Leff decided to veer off into the comedy category with Bar of Dreams, an interactive theater where a bar transports you into dreams. Nerd Reactor was invited to check out the small and intimate production, and we were left in awe and wonder. Bar of Dreams is wacky and hilarious, and it was a total blast from beginning to end.

I received an email from Connie, the host, to meet at the corner of a North Hollywood neighborhood. I was also instructed to wear pajamas since it’s going to be a casual hang out. Three other guests shows up in pajamas in the late night, and we quickly introduce ourselves.

We see Connie coming toward us, and he’s an excited dreamer with long blonde hair and sunglasses. He takes us to his apartment and explains that his friend, Will, is always sleeping and dreaming. It has put a damper on real-life activities since he’s not awake to partake in them. It turns out Will likes to take a special type of drink that puts him into a really deep sleep, and Connie wants us to help him out by entering his dream and waking him up. The four of us agreed to help, and with a drop of that special drink, we were transported into a dream world filled with interesting characters, ghosts, and mystical beings.

Credit: Bar of Dreams

Most of the show takes place inside Will’s bedroom. There’s a bar countertop, a bunk bed with retro games underneath (Playstation, NES and Gamecube), a mini Asteroid arcade cabinet and ambient lighting. Since we were inside the dream, we were greeted by Dream Will, who tells us all about Reality Will and his dreams of opening up a bar. The bedroom bar is a place where we can convene together and learn more about the lives of Will and Connie. Their story is relatable to anyone who has ever had a dream. And every time we would leave the room, we would be transported into another dream world. These included popular video game worlds where you get to play a part. I helped a man in love by whispering dating advice in his ear, delivered a eulogy at a funeral, and got chased around by a monster.

Bat of Dreams is an intimate show that runs for over two hours, and it instantly became one of my favorite interactive shows. This is coming from a guy who’s done all kinds of interactive shows including ones with high production value. Even though this show takes place in a North Hollywood apartment, actors Pedigo and Leff were able to create something magical and immersive while also making us feel right at home. There’s usually a lot going on in an immersive theatre where the story can sometimes get lost. Bar of Dream has plenty of outrageous moments, but they are balanced with personal stories of the duo’s dreams of making it big in Los Angeles. Their journey is approachable with a dose of a hope and harshness of reality, and the dream sequences made me feel like a kid again with a wild imagination.

There are still shows available in September on the 27th and 28th. For tickets, please visit If you can’t make it to those days, there will also be shows available in December.

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