Haus of Creep is the most imaginative and outlandish horror experience in LA

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Haus of Creep is the latest immersive experience from Just Fix It Productions, the team behind Creep LA, and it aims to disturb guests at ROW DTLA in downtown Los Angeles. It’s a combination of interactive theater and art installation, and it’s a dark take on our obsession with social media, particularly Instagram. Guests will embark on a dark journey as they experience twisted art and creepy artists. Nerd Reactor had the chance to dive deep into Haus of Creep, and it’s a horrific dream come true for fans of the made-for-Instagram museum craze.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of Creep LA’s previous show, Awake. This year, however, the team has knocked it out of the park with an innovative approach to horror immersive experiences. It’s able to bring in a lot of guests in the 75-minute block, yet there are plenty of moments of intimate interactions and surprises as you navigate Haus of Creep.

Credit: Hatbox Photography

Once your journey begins, you’ll get to peruse the grotesque art in the lobby. It’s here where you’ll receive a map with names of the different experiences and art installations. After that, you’re given 75 minutes to roam with your group or by yourself, and each person’s experience will be different from another. The key to having a good time is to participate, and the inhabitants of Haus of Creep will bring you into their world.

Some experiences will involve a big group, and others will be very intimate as you interact with an actor by yourself. These one-on-one experiences are the best because you really feel like the show is catering to you. However, the bigger acts round up many of the guests for some truly hypnotic and strange performances.

Credit: Hatbox Photography

With over 15 rooms, there’s always something to check out, whether it’s unpredictable or startling. A photographer with a creepy smile made me pose in awkward positions inside a darkroom. A woman pierced into my eyes and soul inside a witch-like room. And then there’s the barroom where you can drink and watch a dancer perform. Some of the guests I saw were mixed in a drama of mother against son, and others were peeping around via a peephole.

Haus of Creep is the most imaginative and outlandish horror experience in Los Angeles this Halloween season. And the nature of the show allows you to choose your own adventure. Just Fix It Production is still one of the premier experiences for immersive theater.

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