Explore delicious Japanese treats with Bokksu, the snack and candy subscription box

Bokksu is an authentic Japanese snack and candy subscription box, and September’s theme is the Moon Festival. There are three different tiers for the box including Classic (20-25 items), Tasting (10-14 items), and Vegetarian (20-25 items). We were able to experience the Classic Bokksu, and it’s filled with all sorts of delicious and interesting treats straight from Japan.

As seen above, the middle right snack is the Chocolate Azuki Beans: Black Sesame Kinako. Made by Denroku from Yamagata, it’s a sweet snack where the azuki is mixed with sugar syrup to form amanatto. The modern take on the snack is coated with white chocolate and then topped with goma (black sesame) and kinako (roasted soybean powder). Even though it’s in a small package, it’s still has a peanut buttery taste.

The bottom left is the Mitarashi Mochi, a chewy snack that’s grilled on a skewer with a sweet soy sauce filling. The bottom right are the Usagi Chocolate Balls. It’s two chocolate balls inside a wrapper with rabbit ears and limbs, and together it gives the illusion of a bunny. It’s inspired by the Tsuki no Usagi, “The Rabbit on the Moon” folktale. The top left is the Kuromame Tea, and it is the first tea where Bokksu has curated all soybean. Simply drop them in a cup of boiled water and drink after. The top middle is the Black Sesame Genmai: Honey Soy Sauce Flavor rice cracker. This isn’t particularly our favorite of the bunch, but it’s great for those who enjoy black sesame and mizuame.

Scone: Barbeque Flavor

This is one of our favorite treats in the box since we’re big fans of barbeque flavor. The corn snack definitely reminds us of eating Funyuns, but replace the onion flavor with BBQ.

Gudetama Golden Pack: Tamago Kake Gohan Flavor

The Gudetama is a Sanrio character and a popular egg, and the snack version contains hot rice, soy sauce, and a raw egg. So how is it? You can definitely taste the soy sauce. It’s an interesting treat and may not be for everyone.

Rich Baked Chocolat

Okay, so there’s no picture of this because it’s the first thing we ate. We can’t help it since we’re chocolate lovers. This is one of our favorite treats, and if you love brownies, this should be right up your alley.

OFU: Fukairi Shichimi

This is a tasty snack with an assortment of smoked crackers and peanuts. To make it interesting, there’s the seven-spice shichimi to add extra flavor. It’s great for eating and drinking with friends.

Hakata Mitsuki: Delicious Cheese Financier

The crescent-shaped financier cake still feels moist out of its package, and it almost melts in your mouth. There’s a bit of cheese, and the buttery outside is icing on the cake.

Okashinai Cheese Manju

The manju is made with flour, rice powder, and buckwheat, and it’s stuffed with bean and cheese. It’s pretty rich in flavor and is definitely another favorite.

Usuyaki Shokunin Chibisuke: Consomme Black Pepper Flavor

The Usuyaki Shokunin Chibisuke: Consomme Black Pepper Flavor is very much an interesting snack. The black pepper is very overpowering with its pungent taste along with a little spicy kick.

Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs: Kuromitsu Kinako

The Kuromitsu Kinako Mochi Puffs has a slight crunch while melting in your mouth. It contains the flavor of kinako (roasted soybean), brown sugar and a little bit of chocolate.

Black Sesame Taiko: Kumamon Design

As you can tell, we’re not fans of black sesame, and eating this snack hasn’t changed our mind. However, if you’re a fan, this is the one for you since it contains roasted almonds, black sesame, and mizuame.

Nure-Agesen: Katsuo and Ume Flavor

This is a Japanese rice cracker snack with katsuo and ume flavor. What makes this different from the usual rice crackers is that it’s less on the crunchy side. This would definitely go well with Japanese noodles.

Organic Drip Tea: Full Moon Tea

This tea is filled with green tea leaves, and it’s harvested within the 7 days before the full moon. This adds for rich aroma and umami flavor.

Bokksu Booklet

The booklet included in Bokksu has information on your treats along with tidbits on the Moon Festival, learning Japanese words and phrases and more. It’s a nice booklet, and Bokksu has done a stellar job with its design and information.

Bokksu is a fun way to try out Japanese snacks that you may not be used to. With all sorts of flavors, it can be a wonderful gift for Japanese snack foodies. You can order Bokksu at bokksu.com.

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