Bananya season 2 and Blackfox hit Crunchyroll this fall

The summer season is over which means that fall has officially started. As we begin to indulge ourselves in variations of pumpkin spice all while waiting for the holidays to arrive, Crunchyroll has announced today a few upcoming animes that you’ll be able to enjoy while basking in the fall season.

First is season two of “Bananya,” which will be available on the streaming service fairly soon. In “Bananya and the Curious Bunch,” mysterious creatures still inhabit the universe, many that we don’t know about. Somewhere out on a distant planet, a mysterious species has come into existence known as the “Bananyas.” What kind of planet do these mysterious creatures come from, and do they dream to one day come to earth?

You can watch a trailer of the upcoming season below.

Along with season 2 of Bananya, Crunchyroll will launch a special preview of “Blackfox” on September 27 at 9 am PST. This 24-minute preview of the upcoming movie will give fans a sneak peek before its wide release. Blackfox will premiere on Crunchyroll starting October 4 at 9 am PST, which is timed to coincide with the theatrical release in Japan. 

Blackfox tells the tale of Rikka, the eldest daughter of a ninja clan, who looks up to her father, who is a researcher. One fateful day, Rikka’s home suddenly comes under attack. As she finds herself pushed into a corner, Rikka must do what is needed to overcome the crisis, which is to rip the darkness and become BLACK!

Watch a 7-minute preview of Blackfox below.

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