OMEN to test gamers with Gaming Lab Test at TwitchCon 2019


There’s no denying that in the last few years, the popularity of video games has risen exceptionally. Still, a majority of people see video games as a waste of time that lacks any true value or substance. But for OMEN, they see things a bit differently, and during this weekend’s TwitchCon in San Diego, they’re out to prove that video games offer more than just entertainment. 

OMEN will be pulling out all the stops during TwitchCon with their booth, which will be an interactive activation aimed to test gamers in several different categories. The activation will be the place where gamers can test their true skills, to see if they have what takes to consider themselves an elite gamer. Dubbed the “Gaming Lab Test,” visitors will have the chance to put to the test their memory, focus, mental stamina, responsiveness, strategic thinking, creativity, and teamwork.

These challenges will be spread out amongst several different pillars, with each one housing specific tests which are designed to be fun and simple. OMEN has also designed the tests to replicate classical games, both video and physical. The memory game, for instance, is based on the “Simon” game from the ’80s, while the strategic thinking game replicates the classical “Snake” game that was found on the old Nokia phones. 

After visitors have completed all these tests, they’ll be given a .GIF to share on social that will showcase their final test results, and a pre-made OMEN Crystal which will house the test scores that make up who they are as a gamer. The test won’t be the only thing that OMEN will be showcasing during TwitchCon. Of course, front and center will be OMEN’s line of gaming products which will include some of their newest products that will be hitting the market. They’ll also be showing off their new Omen Command Center (OCC), and attendees will have a chance to win some official OMEN gaming gear. OMEN will also bring out a few esports teams, streamers, and influencers for attendees to meet and greet.

TwitchCon will take place at the San Diego Convention Center from September 27th through the 29th. You can visit the OMEN booth that will be located on the expo floor.

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