HyperX Cloud Alpha S (review)

HyperX is a name that is well known and recognized in the world of video games. For years they’ve provided gamers of all levels and statuses with the tools they need to not only compete but to experience their favorite video games to its highest potential. The Cloud Alpha S is the latest headset that is available from HyperX, but is it a pair that brings a significant amount of features that can entice players enough to buy it?

Out of the box, the Cloud Alpha S has a premium build and feel to it, which shows just how much HyperX has paid attention to the details. Holding it in your hands, you can instantly feel the strength and durability the headset has, which is all thanks to the aluminum frame. HyperX wasn’t skimping on the comfort with the Cloud Alpha S, utilizing their signature comfort features to allow the headset to be used for hours of gaming.

The foam on the earcups and headband have a nice overall thickness to them so that the headset can rest comfortably on your head. It’s then finished off with synthetic leather, and for a bit of elegance, HyperX has added a snake-skin trim that’s complemented with blue stitching. With the black and metallic blue colorway that HyperX, the Cloud Alpha S can be a nice centerpiece for anyone’s gaming station.

Of course, nothing determines the quality of a headset other than performance, and just like its design, this one doesn’t hold anything back. What you get with the headset are dual-chambered 50mm neodymium drivers that will help to separate the low bass frequencies from the mid and highs. So when you’re playing your preferred video games, you’ll notice that the audio has a very pleasing sound that comes with a lot of body and richness. 

I found the Cloud Alpha S to be very helpful while playing first-person shooters, specifically during the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer beta. As a game that is heavy in action, it was perfect to see what the headset can produce, and if you enjoy your FPS games as I do, you won’t be disappointed. Now for me, it’s not about hearing every bullet and explosion that happens, but being able to hear the footsteps and movements around you. These are the type of sounds you want to pinpoint while in a heated gun-battle because for me, it gives me an advantage and an element of surprise.

Now the headset alone does a fantastic job of producing some quality audio, but when you turn on the 7.1 surround sound, then that’s when your ears will be in for a real treat. Once I turned it on, it was as every sound was magnified. Playing CoD, there were sounds that I didn’t even hear or notice before, especially the realistic crack of a bullet whizzing past you. The minute details such as those flying bullets are perfectly replicated, to a point that you can’t stop but smile at how entertaining your game is.

The Cloud Alpha S is also a headset that wants to give you full control of how you hear and communicate in your games. On the left and right earcups, HyperX has included bass adjustment sliders that will let you adjust the amount of bass you want to hear. For me, I kept them at full bass as it made the video game audio sound deeper. The headset will also come with an audio controller mixer that will let you adjust your volume, mute yourself, and adjust the balance between your chat and in-game audio. The control is easy to navigate, which means that even during heated matches, you’ll be able to easily find the buttons you need to press. The detachable microphone does a wonderful job of making sure that you’re well heard by your teammates. My voice always sounded crisp, clear, and sharp, while the foam guard helped to reduce the sounds of any wind, heavy breathing, crackles, or pops from your voice.

Final Reaction

HyperX has always believed that gamers should have access to the best products without having to eat up their life savings, that’s why when it comes to the Cloud Alpha S, they wanted to make sure that everyone can afford it. For $129.99, HyperX delivers a product that truly maximizes your investment. The Cloud Alpha S will hit you with remarkable sound regardless if you turn on the 7.1 surround sound or not. It’s built well and very comfortable and gives you a lot of features so that you can fine-tune the audio to your exact liking. 

Score: 5/5 Atoms

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