World War Z roadmap shows upcoming free content for second season

World War Z

World War Z is the third-person co-op survival horror shooter inspired by the movie of the same name starring Brad Pitt. Saber Interactive has more surprises for players, and it has released a roadmap showcasing what lies ahead this year. The Season Two Content Roadmap shows the different stages of the updates, which begins Q4 2019.

The free content for Update Four includes new PvE missions in Moscow and New York, a new weapon and Prestige Ranks and Rewards. Free content for Update Five includes Horde Mode Z, New Cosmetics, New Zombie, and crossplay support. And then there’s the paid DLC content including four weapon skins and four character skins. Check out the roadmap below.

Here’s the full detailed list:

  • Two new PvE missions set in Moscow and New York.
  • A wave-based horde mode – Horde Mode Z.
  • A dangerous new zombie type.
  • PvE crossplay support.
  • The ability to prestige rank up for new weapon skins and perks.
  • A fiery new weapon and new cosmetic items.
  • World War Z’s first season of free content included the Weekly Challenge mode, “The Undead Sea” Tokyo mission, and the six-skulls extreme difficulty setting, as well as several other treats for players.

The World War Z film gave us hundreds of running zombies that act like ants, and the game was able to capture that thanks to the Swarm Engine. Players will have to fend off the zombies, and seeing hundreds of the undead running in the distance helps build up the tension when they finally arrive to try to eat you. The game features six different classes and a variety of weapons, explosives, turrets, and traps. Together with 3 other players, you will navigate in cities like New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, and Tokyo. In addition to the four-player co-op campaign, you can also fight other players in the team-based Players vs. Players vs. Zombies (PvPvZ) online mode.

World War Z is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Epic Game store on PC.

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