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Peex Farewell Elton John

There are many reasons why people love attending concerts, and the biggest ones are the live performances and the energy from the crowd. However, what happens if the audio isn’t clear, or you’re too far away to appreciate a particular musician’s performance? What happens if you’re standing next to someone singing along obnoxiously? After all, you did pay to listen to your favorite musician, not Joe from accounting. Thankfully, PEEX is here to enhance the audio quality, and it will change the way you experience going to a concert.

PEEX consists of a receiver and in-earphones plugged in via a 3.5mm connection, allowing the user to improve their listening experience from the musicians straight from the source. You can adjust the different volume levels for the different channels, whether they’re the guitarist or the drummer. We were invited to check out PEEX at Elton John’s Farewell Tour at the Honda Center in Anaheim, and we tested the new technology from the nosebleed seats all the way down to the pit.

First, you’ll need to book PEEX online or visit the PEEX booth at a participating concert. (It’s currently available for just Elton John concerts.) Then you’ll need to download the PEEX Live app. After that, turn on the PEEX rX by holding down the power button on the back until the LED on the front flashes blue. Place your phone on the unit until it has paired successfully. Once that’s done, you’re ready to play with the app and mess around with the volume levels.

For Elton John’s Farewell Tour, there were volume levels for each channel, which represents each musician. Below is the list of channels for the musicians:

  • Singer Elton John
  • Guitarist Davey Johnstone
  • Drummer Nigel Olsson
  • Keyboardist Kim Bullard
  • Bassist Matt Bissonette

With the different volume levels for each performer, you can raise all the levels higher to really hear everything all at once. You can also raise certain levels higher or lower to focus on a particular instrument. Since this is an Elton John concert, we wanted to put his vocal and piano level higher. His voice was so clear that we felt like we were at a recording session, watching him from behind a glass window. The app has another cool feature where you can swipe left or right to a particular musician and have only their audio turned on. Sometimes I had trouble hearing the actual lyrics from Elton John, and swiping to his profile and moving his avatar upward raised his volume while turning off all the other channels.

Don’t worry about losing the ambiance, since the earphones were made to complement the live concert experience. With its construction, you can hear the crowd, Elton John, and the band.

Of course, if you want to focus on just the audio and shut out outside noises, you can bring your own noise-canceling headphones, as long as it has a 3.5mm jack. The headphones that I brought didn’t cancel the noise, but since they were over-ear headphones, they were enough to help me focus on the actual performance. It felt like Elton John was performing intimately just for us.

“The idea behind PEEX is to create for the masses,” PEEX Co-founder Graham Tull tells Nerd Reactor. “It’s not for the small cohort, not restricted to a small area, which we’re able to manage a system over. Our system is broadcasting signal to this entire arena. There are thousands of people who paid to sit in places which are at least a little distant from the stage. And sometimes, the sound has a nasty habit of self-destructing. Waves can constructively interfere. They can double their amplitude or cancel each other out and certain frequencies.”

“PEEX is really the HD video equivalent of audio,” he continued. “We take audio directly from the stage, so it’s pure from the source. Nothing is virtualized, and nothing is fabricated. It’s literally what’s coming off the stage at that moment.”

PEEX is currently planning to branch out to other concerts and venues. Now imagine using the device at a dance club or a sports event, or maybe even an esports event. In either case, PEEX is definitely a game-changer for concert-goers.

You can test PEEX out at upcoming Elton John concerts in the United States and Canada, and since it’s his last tour, it’s going to be a special experience. To learn more about or book PEEX, you can visit the

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