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There are a ton of reasons a video doorbell may be the solution for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to check the front door when you hear a knock… without getting up from your gaming chair? Maybe you are dealing with a package thief. The market for home security options is growing rapidly, but not all video doorbells are created equal. For this review, let’s take a closer look at how the eufy Video Doorbell compares.


Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the features, let’s touch on the setup of the eufy Video Doorbell. The instructions are simple to understand but require some knowledge of your home electrical system. It is required that there is already an existing doorbell installed for this to work. As to not be electrocuted, the master breaker will need to be shut off. If the master breaker is not available, switch off all breakers from the electrical panel.

Once the power is off, setting up the eufy Video Doorbell is fairly quick. Install the bypass on your current ringer, and replace the existing doorbell with the eufy Video Doorbell. After that, flip the power back on and sync the chime with the sync button. At that point, use the eufy security mobile app to view the camera and manage its settings. This is the same app that is used for all eufy security products, including the eufy CamE, which was reviewed a few months ago.

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The eufy Video Doorbell is packed with nearly every feature possible. Since it’s wired, there is no need to charge the device, but it will shut off if there is a power outage. The video quality is recorded up to 2K resolution, with HDR to help with capturing a clearer image in various lighting and viewing angles. The video captures between 20-30 frames per second, so the image is smooth.

Whenever the doorbell is rung, a push notification will appear with a screenshot of the person’s face. If the notification is selected, it will immediately pull up the live video so that you can greet the person at the door. This was extremely helpful when a UPS driver almost didn’t leave a package at the door. Being able to tell the driver it’s okay to leave it was a relief, especially since waiting until the next day for the package may not be an option.

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The eufy Video Doorbell has human face detection, which is how it is able to snap a zoomed screenshot of their face. Since this is a higher resolution camera, the faces are still very clear even when zoomed in. There are additional settings to control the camera in the mobile app as well. For example, you can adjust:

  • Chime alerts
  • RGB lighting
  • Motion detection
  • Video Quality (to save storage space)
  • Night Vision
  • Quick Responses (like a voicemail option)
  • Notifications
  • Local Storage
  • Diagnostics

More Features

Similar to the eufy CamE, the motion detection can be adjusted, but human detection is an added feature. This can be toggled on or off if desired. The best part of having a eufy security product is the free online storage. Unlike Ring, eufy does not require a subscription. There is an optional subscription for cloud storage, but the 4GB of local storage is plenty enough. No residual cost is a HUGE benefit.

The door chime is convenient, to say the least. Plug it into nearly any outlet in the home to ensure that you can hear when the door rings. It’s especially useful if an office is located toward the back of the home, where it may be hard to hear the doorbell. The chime volume level can be adjusted, but the existing doorbell chime was much louder. It is really too bad that the eufy Video Doorbell is not compatible with existing doorbell chimes.

eufy cam weather

Final Reaction

The eufy Video Doorbell is currently $159.99. For the price, a plethora of features is available. The fact that there is no required subscription service to use this makes this one of the cheapest options over a period of time. The downsides are that an existing doorbell is needed, the chime isn’t incredibly loud, and there is no backup battery in case of a power outage.

Outside of that, there is no reason it shouldn’t be recommended. With high-quality video and recording, high-grade data encryption, ease of use, and extreme convenience, the eufy Video Doorbell stands among the best available.

Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms


  • Doorbell Dimensions: 4.8in x 1.7in x 0.9in
  • Chime Dimensions: 3.8in x 1.9in x 1.4in
  • 2K UHD Sensor
  • HDR-enabled
  • RGB Lighting
  • 160-degree field of view
  • Hardware Noise Cancellation
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Free Local Storage
  • IP65 Weatherproof
  • Weather Resistant: -4° to 122° F
  • Night Vision
  • AES Data Encryption

The Eufy Video Doorbell was provided by Anker for review purposes.

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