Chloe Bennet on Abominable: ‘The world that we are in is so whimsical and fantastical’

Abominable Chloe Bennet

Abominable is an upcoming animated film from DreamWorks Animation and Pearl Studio, and it follows a young girl named Yi who befriends a yeti named Everest. Together, with the help from Peng and Jin, they embark on a journey through China to find Everest’s home. The cast and crew including Chloe Bennet promoted the film during a press junket.

“I think it was actually much more of a grounding experience if anything,” Bennet tells Nerd Reactor about her performance in the film. “The world that we are in is so whimsical and fantastical, and the journey that they go on is this kind of epic adventure. But the real themes and stories and what the characters are going through are incredibly grounded and totally relatable. Especially as a young woman, a young Asian woman, a young tomboy, and as someone who felt different.”

Abominable has been in the works since 2010. Director Jill Culton had a meeting with DreamWorks and had different choices on projects. She ultimately decided on a yeti film.

“I went back after that meeting, and I knew that the one I was attracted to was a yeti movie,” Culton explained. “There was nothing else. It was a blank canvas for me, so that was exciting. I google-searched yeti and found that there’s not that much about them, right? Everyone knows that they live on Mount Everest, and they’ve seen the footprints and the snow. But I knew that I could create a lore around them that maybe would stick. So that’s an exciting challenge for a writer and a filmmaker.”

Everest is a yeti with magical powers, and he uses them to help aid the group on their adventure as they try to escape from a secret organization.

“I wanted Everest to be special,” Culton added. “I wanted him to have surprises that you wouldn’t expect out of a yeti. We normally see yeti stand up like a man in a suit walking. I wanted him to be different, so that’s why he walks on fours. I wanted him to be animalistic, and not talk in English. A lot of the inspiration for this came from a lot of my relationships between my dogs. I have two bloodhounds that are 100 pounds each.”

Yi is the main character who brings all the characters together, and Culton talks about the character’s traits and personality.

“I also wanted Yi to be an amazingly strong hero who’s strongwilled, stubborn, who’s able to drive this movie in a way that a lot of characters have not,” the director said. “She’s not a princess; she’s a tomboy. That’s who I was growing up. I really share that with Chloe Bennet, who also grew up as a tomboy. I think both of us created this character together that’s really a strong role model.”

Peng is the kid that’s hyper and friendly, and he’s played by Albert Tsai. He brings a lot of youthful enthusiasm and relates a lot with Everest.

“I feel like Peng’s personality and mine are kind of similar,” Tsai said. “We’re kind of alike in some ways. He’s definitely a foodie, so I can relate to that. And he’s just always optimistic, which I think is great, and really helps throughout the movie.”

Yi and Jin used to be good friends when they were younger, but teenage life has made them grow apart, especially since Jin is all about social media, looking good, and nice shoes. Tenzing Norgay Trainor talks about how he’s similar to his character.

“I love shoes,” Trainor said. “So I definitely relate to him in that way. I think it’s just a perfect fit, same with the way that we almost look like our characters.”

“If we do our hair in a certain way and dress a certain way, we can definitely pull off the Jin and Peng look,” Tsai added.

You can check out the full interview below.

Abominable hits theaters on September 27, 2019.

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