Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset and Base Station (review)

When we look at the field of video game accessories, Astro Gaming can be considered as the new kid on the block. The A50, Astros’ latest headset to their arsenal, aims to bring top of the line audio to the players who are looking for professional-grade sound. But can the A50s distinguish Astro as a significant player in an already highly competitive market?

Build and Design

The build of the A50 (see it on Amazon) throws out the use of premium metal materials that you typically find in other elite headsets and substitutes it for several types of plastic. The frame of the headset utilizes high impact plastic that makes it one of the most flexible headsets I’ve used but also makes it extremely lightweight and durable. Headband and earcups are lined with a soft cotton fabric that will allow your ears to breath and reduce the amount of sweat build-up. 

The microphone on the A50 is also built from the same flexible plastic as the headset, which means that you can move the microphone in any direction that fits your needs. If you need to mute yourself in the middle of gaming, Astro has made it simple for users, which will only require a flip-up of the microphone. The right earcup houses the volume dial and three buttons that will turn on the power, turn on or off the Dolby Audio, and switch between three different EQ modes. 

The base station, which holds and displays the A50 nicely, will also charge the headset. The grooves help you to easily place the headset back into the base station with little to no effort, with added magnets to make sure that it snaps into place. The base itself has a substantial amount of weight to it which will ensure that it stays grounded on your desk or table. The front LED panel keeps you informed on your power level, audio settings, and if you’re using the headset for your PS4 or PC. 


When you see a headset equipped with 40mm neodymium drivers, you can expect to get superior sound, and that’s what the A50 gives you. But it’s more than just producing excellent audio tones, this is about providing audio that will give you a competitive edge. A preference of mine is playing FPS video games, and the A50 supplied me with a sound experience that came with a lot of layers and range. Gunshots and explosions sound very realistic, while enemy footsteps and movements were easy to distinguish the direction they were coming from.

Player chat is almost as important as the sounds you hear when you take your gaming to a competitive level. The microphone renders your voice in a crisp and clear manner that allows every word you say to be heard. There’s no echoing, delay, or reverb to your voice when you’re chatting, and as far as outside noise, the A50 does a wonderful job of only processing the sound that’s coming directly in front of it.

If you’re a casual gamer who plays for just a few hours a day, then you can expect to recharge the headset every couple of days. But with the base station, you’ll want to charge the headset after every gaming session, because in all honesty, seeing the A50 displayed right next to your PS4 or PC is a beautiful thing to see. Connection wise, the headset keeps a relatively clean connection up to 30 feet. During my time with the A50, I rarely encountered any dropouts or serious audio latencies, which kept me gaming in a comfortable and confident basis.

Taking things a step further, the A50s sound and settings can be customized to your preferences. Downloading the “Astro Command Center” software will open up the A50 to a number of settings, such as adjusting mic levels, equalizers, and changing the three preloaded EQ settings. With the software, you’ll also be able to update the A50s firmware, to ensure that your headset is kept up to date and performing properly.

Final Reaction

Sound is a key element for almost any game you play. It not only immerses you in the gameplay, but in certain cases, it is meant to queue you in on certain action points. When it comes to the A50, Astro Gaming wanted to make a headset that gave professional esports or casual players clear and precise audio that didn’t upend their gaming skills, and that’s exactly what they made. The A50 goes far and beyond and hits all the points in what you want in a quality gaming headset. It’s lightweight, strong, and most importantly, it commits to giving you a well-rounded sound profile that’s bursting with realism and a degree of scale that will make you want to play for countless hours.

Score: 5/5 Atoms

*The A50 + base station was provided by Astro Gaming for review purposes.

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