Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta is not what Ghost Recon fans wanted

ghost recon breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint had a closed beta over the weekend, and we had the chance to experience the tactical shooter. Let’s begin by saying that this is based on the experiences that I have had along with a few others from the team, and yes, it’s a beta and not the finished game. However, the game releases in less than a month, and the following is based on the core mechanics of the game, not bugs. That said, what was Ubisoft thinking?!

A trailer and gameplay footage were released a couple of months ago. Both claimed that Ghost Recon Breakpoint was developed to be a realistic covert, team-based shooter. Updates to weapons, character animations, health system, and AI mechanics. All of which is true, but not to the extent which was insinuated.

Health and Healing

The most exciting part of Ghost Recon Breakpoint for many was the updates to how the player heals and is injured. When a player is shot, they will begin to limp and won’t be able to shoot temporarily. The limp will take place based on where the player is shot. The temporary cease in fire will happen due to temporary shock, or if the player is shot in the arm.

The health bar is split into 3 slots. The player will regenerate health up to the current slot they are injured on. This method is pretty common in many shooters these days, but the player still heals too quickly in normal modes. The only healing item used was syringes if the player was badly injured and still under fire. Otherwise manually healing is almost unnecessary because the player would heal quickly and seemingly unaffected.

Updates to Player Animation and Mechanics

The character animations for being injured are very impressive but fail to be consistent with the scenario. Running doesn’t feel fast enough. In fact, the player moves too slow in general. With how large the map is, it will be necessary to have a vehicle at all times. Playing without a vehicle will take a very long time. Rebels can’t send one either since Ghost Recon Breakpoint no longer offers this feature like Ghost Recon Wildlands did. Walking and running felt like they are delayed by half a second as if you’re constantly moving 2 steps passed where one intended to stop. Issues with precisely lining up the player with a clue or loot box can be extremely frustrating.

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The most complaints about Ghost Recon Breakpoint have been with the weapons and loot system. In Ghost Recon Wildlands, there was a plethora of weapons, and players usually found their favorite and stuck to it. Ubisoft thinks this is a bad thing apparently. They have added different levels/tiers to each weapon. As if one TAC50 is better than any other TAC50. This idea was implemented because Ubisoft wants players to try out more guns. That is the thing though, players stick to a gun because they like it. Changing that is very annoying and too much like the Division. They may have implemented level areas to try and restrict players to particular areas, which again is a step back from Ghost Recon Wildlands. Just give the higher level enemies better AI, not a better ability to absorb bullets.

The Elephant in the Room

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is too much like the Division and that’s a bad thing. Most all Ghost Recon fans feel this is a step backward. The level/tier of a gun should not make a difference when shooting enemies. A shot to the head with a TAC50 with no helmet on should be an instant kill. The enemies level shouldn’t matter. All weapons and gear are set up like those in the Division games. Ghost Recon should not be in the bullet sponge category, and this will come back to haunt Ubisoft. (The bullet sponging is nowhere near as bad as the Division thankfully, but it’s still there.)

That is not the only thing Ubisoft pulled from the Division. There are lots of crafting as well. Not to mention there are the public areas like Erewhon, which is basically the Base of Operations from the Division. The public areas are not necessarily a bad thing, as it is a convenient way to find players for your squad. The issue is the implementation of all these “new” features.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint doesn’t feel like a new game. It feels the same as Ghost Recon Wildlands, but with borrowed features from their bullet sponging cousin. All the vehicles drive and fly the same as Ghost Recon Wildlands. Like a drivers ed student, the breaking, steering, and acceleration are clunky and insecure.

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Final Reaction

Ubisoft really screwed the pooch on this one. Somebody there needs to hit the “go back” button. Ghost Recon Breakpoint releases in less than a month, so the only thing being resolved are glitches and bugs. The game is slow, clunky, and loot-based, and it’s less about being covert and more about leveling up. This game definitely did not feel like it was built from the ground up. It gives the impression that they stripped away a few things and incorporated coding and mechanics from the Division. This somehow overloaded the game and caused it to run like it was on a 2000’s Pentium 4.

This reaction is not including the endless bugs and incomplete missions that came with the beta, because that is something they should fix over time. If Ghost Recon Breakpoint is released as it is now, it might be best to wait a few months after release to pick it up, since it feels rushed. It’s heartbreaking because this game had so much potential if it stuck to the core gameplay of previous Ghost Recons.

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