Review: It Chapter Two is more comedy than horror

It Chapter Two

It is the film adaptation of Stephen King’s book, and it focused on the kids of the Losers’ Club as they try to survive against Pennywise, an evil entity terrorizing the small town of Derry. With the sequel, the members of the Losers’ Club are all grown up and successful, and the return of Pennywise has the group coming back together to stop evil once and for all. The ending is fitting for the Losers’ Club, but It Chapter Two loses its charm and mystery from the first film, and what we’re left with is a horror film that feels more like a comedy.

Your favorite characters from the Losers’ Club are back, and it’s a big roster. Even with the film’s long runtime, you never really connect with the characters like you did in the first film. The 1st act is way too busy trying to explain what each Losers is doing. They each have their own lives, and thanks to an incident in Derry involving Pennywise, they are brought back together. The film takes some time in getting them back together again, and once they are back together, it tries to separate them as quickly as possible. It is a horror movie after all. You’ll get a sense of each character’s struggles as they have to handle Pennywise by themselves. However, it feels like a drag because there are a lot of characters to focus on including their own special arc.

A new generation was introduced to Pennywise, and he was mysterious and creepy. With the sequel, he’s back to his usual antics, and the mystery is gone along with his scariness. The creepiest scene is the one that was heavily used in the trailers, where Jessica Chastain as Beverly is talking to an older lady. The conversation was awkward, and you know something’s not right until the very end. Other than that, the film really isn’t scary at all. There are a few creepy scenes, but these scenes feel more like something from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kings where Sam is fighting Shelob.

Bill Hader plays Richie Tozier, and he is the one who gets the most laughs. There’s a fine balance for his character, and he tiptoes on the comedic side that changes the tone of the film. James McAvoy is heavily underused in the film, but the film plays no favorites as to who the main character is. That includes Jessica Chastain as Beverly, even though she does get a romantic scene. All the Losers have important parts, and that’s something I appreciate about the film. However, even with the longer running time, it probably would have served the story better if it was a series.

It Chapter Two is almost 3 hours long and spends too much time with bringing the Losers’ Club back together… only to separate them again. The chemistry with the older characters isn’t as strong as the younger ones, and it’s just a bunch of adults doing their own thing for the most part. Pennywise is back, but he’s no longer an intimidating foe.

Score: 2/5 Atoms

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