Halo Discovery Outpost lets you experience the Halo Universe like never before

Since its initial release in 2001, the Halo franchise changed the modern first-person shooter with its gripping and compelling storyline and provocative gameplay. With almost 20 years of a storied history, fourteen titles since its debut, and a brand new game coming in 2020, there’s no better time to celebrate everything that is Halo then now. 

Halo Outpost Discovery is a traveling interactive exhibition that calls Halo fans of all ages to come and be a part of the franchise they love. The tour landed in five different cities since its launch in early July, which included Orlando, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, and concluding in Anaheim, California this past weekend. There’s a lot of things that you can experience during the discovery, with each one intended to give you the feeling of being part of the UNSC.

The first thing the outpost will have you see is the “Hall of History,” which will give fans an informative and detailed look at the numerous accomplishments of humanity in the Halo universe. Inside this hall, there were graphical timelines, weapons of for the UNSC and the Covenant, a Warthog that was to scale, and a life-sized sculpture of Master Chief and a Covenant soldier. The hall also integrated an AR experience that gave visitors another level of immersion with the exhibits and artifacts.

The main exhibit of the Outpost was the “Ring Experience,” which allowed its visitors to explore the story of the Halo Array. When playing the video game, we tend to get ourselves fixated on the action and ignore the intricate storyline that’s presented before us. Thankfully, the Ring was made to catch us up on what we’ve missed. This is where you can learn why the Halo Ring was created and its purpose. The Ring has numerous life-sized artifacts that tell the story of the Halo Universe that is capped off with a visual presentation inside a dome, that encourages all of us to continue the story of Halo and its prominent character, Master Chief. 

After soaking in all of Halos’ history, the real fun began. The outpost offered a handful of exhilarating and physical activities that tested you, to see if you truly belong in the UNSC. You were able to test your knowledge in the “Covenant Escape,” a small escape room that put you inside a covenant ship. The Combat Deck gave you the rush of Halo with its themed laser tag, while the VR Training Grounds sought to see if you had what it take to be a Spartan Soldier, the elite fighting force of the UNSC.

With Halo Infinite due to be released sometime in 2020, the Halo Outpost Discovery was the perfect place to refresh ourselves with Halo once again. Seeing first hand at every single detail that the developers have placed to craft an intriguing story, that is perfectly melded with an exciting and action-packed game, shows us why Halo has stuck around for a long time, with many years still to come.

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