Delusion enters a new chapter with Alt Delete, an interactive play from The Blue Blade Saga

Delusion has immersed audiences with its interactive plays since 2011. The past season had guests on an adventure through time with The Blue Blade, and the previous season, His Crimson Queen, transported guests into a vampire world. Now the Great Company and Delusion have teamed up for a new experience, Alt Delete, which will come out this fall 2019.

Alt Delete will premiere on September 18th, and it’ll be part of the Blue Blade saga. The last season had guests seeking the Blue Blade, an artifact that can transport the user through time including World War 2 Europe. Part of the Delusion Universe, Alt Delete is a spin-off chapter from The Blue Blade.

Synopsis: Rogue scientist Evelyn Lowell, wielding the famed Blue Blade, created a black market time travel business. Professor Lowell is as elusive as she is wealthy, but every tear in time she creates for her clients leaves a path for pursuers. And there are plenty.

Covering Evelyn’s tracks is the job of her Underwriters; assessors of danger and eliminators of risk. There’s been a breach in Professor Lowell’s Computer Lab in 1982. Time to do your job. For a limited time with limited guests, experience the interactive chapter before it’s wiped from existence. Remake history, and play your part.

Delusion is an interactive play where you are the main character. These immersive theatrical shows are the next evolution of entertainment, and you really get to feel like you’re part of the action. The previous shows last an hour with a small group of guests traveling from one elaborate area to another as they interact with actors and items. The production quality and the actors for the Delusion shows are always topnotch, making for a more believable world.

With Alt Delete, it’ll be a 20-minute experience with a maximum group of 6 people. There’s also the option of a show and dinner that’ll include one entree, 2 alcoholic beverages, and table gaming fee. (Estimated value of $41.50.)

Tickets are now on sale at Check out our reviews of the previous Delusion shows here.

Delusion Blue Blade Alt Delete

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