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As more and more cars end up on the road, there are some commuters who start to think about reducing their carbon footprint, so they opt for taking public transportation or investing in a bicycle. For those who enjoy riding a bicycle to get around their city, they know that a daily commute on their bike can be a real strenuous activity. Thankfully, FUELL Inc, a New York-based company has redefined eBikes to help those who prefer a bicycle over driving.

Fuell Fluid is made to be the best pedal assist ebike, with the longest range on the market. It’s intended for riders to go farther and faster while riding in style. Founded by Erik Buell, a former engineer at Harley-Davidson, and designed by Artem Smirnov, the Fuell Fluid will be able to travel up to distances of 125 miles, which is possible with the help of its 2 removable batteries, which give the bike a total of 1,008wH (watt-hour).

The Fuell Fluid will come on to the market with a design and style that makes it seem like a typical mountain bike. There’s no overabundance in design but instead will convey a streamlined minimalist look, that eliminates any notion that it’s electrically assisted. It will feature a carbon belt with internal hub gears, which means that riders won’t have to worry about cleaning any oil leaks and grease.

This modern eBike will also feature some useful tech that helps riders maximize their experience. A 3.2-inch IPS color screen will show riders their battery level, speed, and assistance levels. It will have an optional foldable lock, a pin code for security, and an optional GPS Tracker (EU Only). The Fuell Fluid will also be able to charge your smartphone, so you can use maps or stream music without any worries of battery depletion. 

Fuell Fluid will have a motor nominal output of 500w and torque of 100Nm. It will be able to provide max speeds of 28mph with a range of 125 miles. There will be a battery LED level indicator to help you determine current battery life and will have a recharge time of 5 hours for 100% and 2.5 hours for 80%.

The Fuell Fluid is a premium eBike that is meant for serious riders, which means that it will come with a hefty price tag. Currently, Fuell Inc is offering the eBike through their IndieGoGo campaign in multiple options, with prices ranging from $2800 to $6100. Their IndieGoGo campaign will be ending soon, and at the time of this article, they have raised $1.3 million with an estimated shipping date of January 2020.

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