World of Warships’ submarines are sneaky little devils

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Wargaming has been very busy with the world of World of Warships. Just two weeks ago, we saw the release of World of Warships: Legends, the console version of the free-to-play naval battle game filled with WWI and WWII battleships, destroyers, cruisers, and aircraft carriers. During Gamescom, the company has announced that submarines are coming to the PC version.

Since the “Terror of the Deep” operation back in 2018, fans have been making it clear that they wanted submarines added into World of Warships. The next step for Wargaming is to put the submarines out for testing, which will include U.S., German and Soviet Union submarines. (Japan will be introduced later.) Once that’s ready, the deadly underwater watercraft will be ready for the final game, but only in a different battle mode at first. This stage will last for several months where Wargaming will be able to update and balance the submarine.

The submarine will have even tiers and will be similar to the aircraft carrier tree. At Tier VI, players can get the first researchable submarine. Having these ships in different tiers will help with balancing the game in certain matchmaking brackets.

World of Warships is a game about planning your attacks and strategy, and you’ll need to think ahead as ships take some time to move and shoot. With the introduction of submarines, it’s going to change the game since they can go underwater and become invisible. There are three different visible modes: Surface Level (100%), Periscope Depth (50%), and Deep Underwater (0%). By going underwater to 50% or 0%, the oxygen bar will be depleted. Of course, 0% will deplete the bar faster. To replenish the oxygen, simply go back up to the surface level, and it will slowly rise. To balance the submarine against other ships, the armor has been reduced.

At the Surface Level, the submarine will be able to capture areas, and it is at max speed with full vision. It can be detected by the line of sight, Hydroacoustic Search and radar, just like any other ship in the game.

The Periscope Depth will cut the speed and vision in half, and planes can still hit you. It can ping other ships, and it can be detected by Hydroacoustic Search or if other players can see the periscope. The submarine will be invisible to radar, and you’ll be able to launch torpedoes and use sonar. The benefit of being at periscope depth is the ability to launch torpedoes with the aid of sonar. Once you fire, you can guide the torpedo with a sonar ping to lock onto a target. Slower ships are vulnerable to this attack, and faster ships will be able to dodge it with skills and timing. The downside of using the sonar is that it will let enemies know of your last known ping location through their minimap.

When the submarine is Deep Underwater, it won’t have the ability to fire torpedoes or spot other ships from a distance of 2 kilometers or less. The good news is that ships can’t detect submarines in the standard way, but other submarines can detect you if they’re in periscope depth and underwater if they are 2 kilometers or closer. To combat the limited visibility of the submarine in deep underwater, there’s the Hydrophone that can pinpoint the direction of nearby ships.

If you’re up against a submarine, the best ship to counter them is the destroyer thanks to the depth-charges and its pinging abilities. The depth-charges deal heavy damage to submarines. Because of this, it’s best for submarine players to move like a pack. It’ll most likely be your funeral if you’re out there by yourself.

Wargaming will be testing limits for submarines, so don’t expect matches to have all submarines. As for whether they will be making an appearance on World of Warships: Legends, it’s not very likely. Although one can never say never.

We had the chance to test out the submarine in action, and it did take some time for us to get acquainted with its style of gameplay. Wargaming is all about balancing the fight, so you really need to watch out for your oxygen level and speed of the submarine when trying to do a surprise attack. Since it requires a more stealthy approach, players will need extra patients as they look for targets. If you’re out there by yourself, you’ll become an easy target, but if you have grouped up with a bunch of ships, you’ll be harder to track.

Playing against a submarine can be frustrating, especially if you can’t pinpoint its location. We were in a match where a surprise torpedo sunk our ship, and we had no idea where it came from. That’s the power of the submarine, and it’s definitely going to be a new favorite for players who prefer the sneaky approach.

Wargaming has been building on World of Warships with 40 maps, over 300 ships, and 10 nations. With the addition of submarines, there’s going to be a lot of surprise attacks, and this will definitely add a whole new experience to naval battle.

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