Meet Sesh, Skullcandy’s most affordable pair of True Wireless Earbuds

This year alone Skullcandy has released two different models in their True Wireless Earbud line, the Push and Indy. Both models had different designs, but both were able to provide users with a great musical experience. With both models already available, Skullcandy continues to grow its product line with the newly launched “Sesh.”

Sesh makes its debut as one of the most compact true wireless earbuds to date. It aims to deliver a high-quality listening experience while giving users a minimal and uncomplicated single-button interface that will access all the essential features that users will need. This means that Sesh users will be able to control their music, answer calls, and digital assistants such as Siri and Google Assitant.

With the Sesh being the most compact model in the Skullcandy line, there will be a few minor downgrades from previous models. Battery life will give users around 10 hours. That puts 3 hours of battery in the earbuds and 7 hours in the charging case, which is not a considerable difference from the 12 hour battery life for the Push, and but is a big difference to the Indy’s 18 hours. 

The Sesh will have a rating of IP55 for sweat, water, and dust resistance, making it a suitable pair to use for indoor or outdoor activities. The Sesh will launch in three different colorways, Deep Red, Indigo, and Fearless Black, which is a first for Skullcandy, as their previous models launched in a single color. 

For those who are looking for their first or newest pair of True Wireless Earbuds, Skullcandy has priced the Sesh at a very affordable price. Starting at just $49.99, this makes the Sesh one of the most affordable pairs of truly wireless earbuds on the market today. The Sesh is available for purchase today in all color variations on Skullcandy’s website.

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