D23 Expo: Marvel Studios announces Moon Knight series for Disney+

Moon Knight

Several weeks ago, Marvel Studios rocked Hall H by announcing a ton of shows for their next phase of films. Loki, WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, What If…?, and Hawkeye are all coming to Disney’s upcoming streaming service. But Marvel Studios didn’t just stop there. During the Disney+ panel at D23 Expo, Kevin Feige announced that Moon Knight would be coming to the MCU with his series. Yes, Moon Knight will be a part of the MCU.

Now, details on the series are scarce. First, we don’t know if the Moon Knight series will be a part of Phase Four or in Phase Five. Next, we don’t know who is playing the titular character or who is running the series. We also don’t know if the series will follow the same violent nature as the comics. After all, Disney+ is a platform for Disney to showcase its more family-friendly offerings. Nevertheless, I’m sure we’ll hear more about the Crescent Crusader soon.

Moon Knight Title

For those of you unfamiliar with the character, Moon Knight in a way is kind of like Batman. He’s a hero who preys on wrongdoers at night through the powers of the Egyptian god, Khonshu. Okay, so that last part isn’t like Batman but Moon Knight’s ideology and his assortment of weapons will remind you of the dark knight. He also suffers from a dissociative identity disorder which has taken its toll on him on several occasions.

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Moon Knight will hit Disney+ some time at a later date.

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