How Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss could return in The Matrix 4

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2019 marks the 20th anniversary of The Matrix, and Warner Bros. has big plans for the franchise. For one thing, the studio has teamed up with Dolby to get The Matrix in Dolby Cinema. This means that new and old fans will get to experience a fuller cinematic showing with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. There was another huge news this week with the announcement of a fourth Matrix film, and Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Lana Wachowski will be returning. This has led to us scratching our heads since The Matrix Revolutions, the third film in the series, had our two main protagonists die during the battle against the machines.

Lana Wachowski will be back to write and direct Matrix 4, and Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will be reprising their roles as Neo and Trinity, respectively. If it’s just Lana, that means this will be the first Matrix film to not include Lilly Wachowski, since the first three films had the duo writing and directing. Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures will be producing and distributing the film.

“We could not be more excited to be re-entering ‘The Matrix’ with Lana,” said Toby Emmerich, Warner Bros. Picture Group chairman. “Lana is a true visionary — a singular and original creative filmmaker — and we are thrilled that she is writing, directing and producing this new chapter in ‘The Matrix’ universe.”

Lana will have help from screenwriters Aleksandar Hemon and David Mitchell. The film is scheduled for principal photography in 2020.

“Many of the ideas Lilly and I explored 20 years ago about our reality are even more relevant now. I’m very happy to have these characters back in my life and grateful for another chance to work with my brilliant friends,” Wachowski said.

In The Matrix Revolutions, Trinity died in a crash, and Neo sacrificed his life in order to save humanity. This resulted in humans and machines having a truce. The Oracle predicts that peace will last for a while, and Sati wonders if they’ll see the return of Neo. The Oracle responds with, “I suspect so. Someday.” And The Oracle is someone who is rarely wrong. With Matrix 4 on the horizon, that means this so-called peace is definitely going to be over.

How will Matrix 4 bring back Neo? Perhaps he is immortalized as a ghost in The Matrix. The concept of your digital ghost living inside machines isn’t new. We’ve seen this with Major Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell, and gamers will see this with Cyberpunk 2077 where Keanu Reeves will play Johnny Silverhand, a digital ghost inside your head. But since the actors are older, how will this be explained? Maybe the filmmakers will utilize technology to make the actors younger, similar to how Marvel Studios has de-aged some of its actors, or Will Smith in Gemini Man.

What’s interesting to note is that Variety reports that Morpheus “may be recast for a younger take.” If that’s the case, maybe the film will take place during the events of The Matrix Revolutions. We highly doubt that though.

Another way to bring back Neo and Trinity is to have the machines revive their dead bodies, only to have them return as cyborgs. This is the future we’re talking about. This is a concept seen in the Death of Superman comic book arc where Superman is killed by Doomsday, only to come back as a Cyborg Superman. (He’s not the real Superman.)

2019 has been a good year for Keanu Reeves with films like John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, Toy Story 4 and Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe. Audiences can see him next in the third Bill & Ted film.

Source: Variety

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