NBA2K20 demo now available to play

In just a few weeks NBA2K20 will be released, so to get ballers ready for the game, 2K has launched the 2K20 demo which is available to download today for all consoles. Similar to last year, NBA2K20 will let you play the “MyCareer” mode but not the actual dramatic storyline that was developed in association with LeBron James. 

This time around the demo focuses on you building your character and the style that will fit your type of play the best. Previous MyCareer modes always perceived you as an elite college player, only then to enter the NBA as an underskilled and outmatched player. You would then grind through countless hours to get your character to the coveted 99 rating and finally become an NBA superstar. 

With college players such as Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett joining the NBA as an elite player, NBA2K20 wanted to give its players to get that same feeling. After you design the look of your player using either one of the pre-made faces or the face scan, you can then start adjusting all the attributes that you want your player to have. Every aspect of how your character will play can be adjusted. Whether you want to be a lights out shooter who can hit 3-pointers from deep or a player who can aggressively attack the rim and create some posterizations, you can now start off as a player who can hold his own against some of the already seasoned NBA players.

Aside from adjusting all your attributes, you’ll also be able to select what kind of archetype you want to be. You can be a slasher and customize your player to benefit that style. Or if you want to be a playmaker, you’re free to adjust your attributes to be just that. Out of the gate, you’ll also be able to select what badges you want to use that will help elevate your game, and if you find out that certain badges don’t really benefit you, you’ll be able to easily switch them out. 

The demo will let you build as many players you want so that you can figure out what works for you best. That way, when the full retail game is available, you’ll be ready to hold your ground amongst the best of the best. NBA2K20 hits stores in September, with the demo available to play today.

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