Goyo and Amaru announced for Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise

The Rainbow 6 Raleigh majors took place over the weekend with Team Empire taking 1st place in the tournament. As thousands of fans watched the teams furiously battle it out, Ubisoft took the opportunity to debut the latest addition to the game during the tournament. Announcing the next operation to hit Rainbow Six Siege will be Ember Rise that will bring two new operators and a rework of the Kanal map.

The two new operators that will come to Rainbow Six will consist of one defender codenamed Goyo, and an attacker codenamed Amaru. 


Goyo hails from the Mexican FES unit, whose special equipment consists of the Vulcan Shields. Like most shields in R6, they are used to deny certain areas for the attackers or create defensive points. But Goyo’s shields are a tad bit different as he can attach an incendiary device to them. These devices, when triggered, will create a firey blaze that can deny attackers from entering certain areas while damaging them. Anyone can set these devices off by simply shooting them, even if Goyo has been taken out of play.

Players who choose to play Goyo will have a choice between the Vector .45 ACP or the TSCG 12-gauge shotgun, which both can do a considerable amount of damage against the attacking team. Goyo and his Vulcan shield set a new precedent on how a team strategizes to hold off the attackers. You can pair the Vulcan shield with a Kapkan explosion device or a Frost trap to burn your enemies alive while stuck in her bear traps. The incendiary devices can be triggered by any bullet or explosive device but can’t be triggered by Thatchers EMP grenades or Twitch’s’ drone.


Amaru, a Peruvian attacker, brings to combat her Garra Hook that will allow her quick movement across the map. She can use her hook to zip through windows or up on rooftops and even through exposed hatches. This gives Amaru the element of surprise to enemies who are not paying attention to their surroundings. The Garra hook will allow Amaru to zip through windows that still have a wooden barricade, but not through any Castle reinforcements.  

On the field, Amaru will be equipped with either a supernova or ITA 12s shotgun that will help her breakthrough hatches that are left unreinforced. She’ll also have G8 A1 LMG to help her mow down defenders once she lands. Amaru does have some disadvantages with her Garra Hook, as she won’t pull out her weapon until she lands, which makes her vulnerable to Frost traps and Kapkan devices. In addition, ger hook does create a reasonable amount of noise that can be heard by any defender.  

Kanal Map Rework

Kanal Map can sometimes be troublesome for even the most skilled players. It had two buildings that the objective point can spawn and was connected by a single bridge. Its stairways and hallways made easy choke points for defenders to hold attackers back, while its multiple levels gave a lot of places for roamers to hide and flank. 

The rework will add a secondary bridge that will make traveling between the two buildings easier, as well as different paint jobs that will make team communication and callouts simpler. The number of windows around objective points has been reduced, and the roof has been redesigned that will make runouts and spawn kills much riskier. There will also be added stairways in each building for more movement and switching opportunities.

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