Call of Duty CWL 2019 championships takes over Los Angeles


Credit: Nerd Reactor

Since its inception back in 2016, the Call of Duty World League continues to be one of the biggest esports events, calling upon the best of best Call of Duty players around the globe. Over the past week at the Pauley Events center in Los Angeles, 32 teams competed in the CWL 2019 Championships where a total of $2 million in prize money would be rewarded to the teams who made it the competition and of course, with one team claiming the number one spot.

Some of the biggest names in esports played in the championships, such as FaZe Clan, 100 Thieves, eUnited, Optic Gaming, and Sicario Gaming, just to name a few. The tournament began on Wednesday and ran throughout the entire weekend, with the tournament concluding on Sunday. Thousands of fans attended the event to root for their favorite teams, with the hopes of seeing them take the championship. 

There were two stages where attendees were able to watch the teams compete in Black Ops 4, the Main stage and Bravo stage. Teams competed in a series of multiplayer modes in a best out of five matchups. The teams that won their respected match up would continue to move on in the bracket, while the unfortunate ones would proceed to a “losers” bracket, where they would still get a chance to compete for the finale. 

Below you can see how each team stacked up during the championships.

(photo credit: COD Esports Gamepedia)

In the finals for the winners’ bracket, eUnited went up against OpTic Gaming with eUnited coming out on top 3-1. OpTic Gaming took the first match 109-250, but eUnited came back strong and took the following three matches cementing themselves a place in the grand finals. OpTic Gaming had one more chance to get back into the grand finals as they went up against 100 Thieves in the Losers bracket finals. 100 Thieves took that game beating OpTic Gaming 3-0, which placed them to go up against eUnited in the Grand Finals. 

The Grand Finals between eUnited and 100 Thieves was a fitting match for the CWL championships. Both teams have exceptional players, with both teams taking the grand finals all the way to five games. eUnited came out strong and took the first game of hardpoint, beating 100 Thieves 250-126. But 100 Thieves came back around and took the next two matches with Search and Destroy (won 3-6) and Control 1-3. eUnited gained their composure and proceeded to take the last two matches, Hardpoint 250-219 and Search & Destroy 6-4. eUnited took the CWL Grand Finals beating 100 Thieves 3-2.

CWL Call of Duty World League

Credit: Nerd Reactor

eUnited took home a total purse of $800,000 and the recognition of being the CWL champions, while 100 Thieves took home $260,000. But all the teams that made it to the tournament all took home prize money, with the minimum amount being $10,000. The event was sponsored by PlayStation 4, Mountain Dew Game Fuel, Astro Gaming, and Scuf Controllers, the official controller of the CWL. 

The CWL 2019 Championships have shown how big esports has become in the last few years. With a total of two million dollars being handed out in prize money, gamers of all levels continue to play their best so that hopefully, one day, they can win their own share of cash rewards. But most importantly, they would get the recognition of being one of the best esports players in the world.

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