ThinkGeek spotlight: The Dark Crystal Fizzgig Replica Puppet


San Diego Comic-Con is the premier destination for pop culture. Movie and television studios head to downtown San Diego to show off the biggest and newest films and shows. Comic book publishers and toy companies release exclusive covers and collectibles. And there are a lot of cool activations to check out including themed escape rooms, mazes, and experiences. The convention is now a memory, but we had the chance to check out ThinkGeek’s booth inside the San Diego Convention Center, and it has gotten us excited about its wide range of products. There were plenty of exclusives at the booth, but the good news is that these Funko exclusives will be available to purchase at participating GameStop locations.

Office Space Sticky Note Man Funko Pop!

During San Diego Comic-Con 2019, ThinkGeek had exclusive Office Space Sticky Note Man Funko Pop! This is inspired by the Office Space film, a cult classic about a group of employees who decides enough is enough. If you couldn’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con, don’t worry, you can buy it now at GameStop’s ThinkGeek store.

Mooby’s Pin and Lanyard Set and Decal Pack

Fans of the Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse were in for a treat with the limited edition items like the Mooby’s Pin and Lanyard Set and the Mooby’s Decal Pack. This fictional character was featured in many of the View Askewniverse films including Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma and Clerks II. These were only limited to 500, so you may be out of luck with getting them.

The Dark Crystal Fizzgig Replica 1:1 Scale Puppet

One of the most popular items at the ThinkGeek booth was The Dark Crystal Fizzgig Replica 1:1 Scale Puppet. It’s a timed exclusive, and with the upcoming Netflix prequel, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, the hype is strong. Soon you’ll be able to own the little critter, and you can pre-order it now at the ThinkGeek site on GameStop.

Other ThinkGeek exclusive items included the Fallout Slocum’s Joe Fusion Flea Die-Cast Replica Car, Plush Chibi Batman with Jim Lee art, Harry Potter. ThinkGeek has all kinds of collectibles available online and at a local ThinkGeek store near you from brands like Pokemon, Marvel, Nintendo, Star Wars, and more.

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