Submarines are coming to World of Warships

World of Warships submarine

Wargaming has developed online battle games featuring tanks with World of Tanks and ships with World of Warships. With the latter, gamers were able to navigate the seas with battleships, destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers. However, there’s one watercraft that many players have been clamoring for, and it’s the submarine. Well, there is some good news today because Wargaming has confirmed that submarines are indeed coming to World of Warships.

Wargaming shared the news via its Twitter with an image of a submarine periscope (see above) along with the following caption:

“?⚠ Subs confirmed! ⚠? Back in 2018 it was clear that our players were highly interested in submarines from trying them out in the ‘Terror of the Deep’ event. Now we are happy to announce that the first stages of closed testing for submarines will begin soon!”



World of Warships is the online naval combat game from developer and publisher Wargaming, and in a couple of weeks, closed testing for the submarines will commence. If you’re part of the World of Warships Supertest program, you’ll be the first to play with them while providing feedback. Four submarines representing the US Navy and the German Kriegsmarine will be available initially.

World of Warships already has an impressive number of warships available with over 300. Submarines will definitely add another exciting layer to the naval combat, especially since it can go under the sea.

Stay tuned during Gamescom 2019 for more details to surface for the submarine models and their features.

World of Warships is a free-to-play game, and you can begin dominating the seas at With World of Warships: Legends recently released, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players now have the chance to experience naval combat.

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