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For the last few years, my typical morning would start by waking up to my smartphone’s alarm clock. It’s highly convenient, and I can easily check if I have any missed calls or messages, check my emails, and even check my social media. Granted, this is not an ideal way to start your morning, and recently I’ve been using the “Soundcore Wakey” to gauge whether or not this Bluetooth bedside speaker can make a difference to my mornings.

On the outside, the Soundcore Wakey (see it on Amazon) looks like your typical bedside clock. It has a rudimentary design that employs a plastic unibody and is colored in white. On the front, you get six touch-sensitive buttons, an LED light, and a fabric front that covers the speakers. The fabric also hides the LED display that is very bright, making the time easy to see in either the day or night time. 

On the top side, there’s a rubber ring that helps your phone stay in place when using the wireless charger and keeps it from scratching or scuffing the clock. On the backside, you’ll get all the ports that you’ll need including the DC-in, auxiliary port, two USB ports, and a connection for the FM antenna. 

With the Wakey being Bluetooth enabled, it’s perfect for listening to music and the speaker does its best to provide a good soundscape. The low end has a fairly good bump to it but sounds a bit underwhelming when you listen to music that really emphasizes that tonal range, such as hip hop or EDM. The low end also affects the performance of the highs, often muddling them, especially at higher volumes. The sweet spot comes in at the mid, where vocals have a real clarity to them and make the music shine. 

Everything within the Wakey can be controlled through the Soundcore app. When you first launch the app, setting the time is as simple as turning a few dials. The same can be said when you want to set your alarm. You can also set numerous alarms for different days of the week, such as the weekends. There are also 10 different sounds that you can wake yourself up to. It ranges from the obnoxious that’s guaranteed to wake you up to the soft and serene just in case you prefer to wake up in a calmer mood.

The Wakey can also help you to fall asleep with its “Superior Sleep” feature. This feature lets you listen to the meditative and soothing sounds of the rain, wind, beach, camping, birds, water droplets, and even a train. You can either listen to one or all of them if you prefer, as well as control the volume of every single one. You’ll also be able to adjust the amount of time you want to use superior sleep with a max time of 3 hours. 

When the alarm goes off you won’t have to worry about finding the snooze button. Though it is small in size, it does light up, so you’ll be able to easily find it in the dark. You can hit the snooze by simply tapping the button and if you want to completely turn it off, it will require a 2-second hold, which in my case is enough to get me up in the morning and start my day.

Final Reaction

My day starts fairly early, with it starting way before the sun even rises. And since I’ve been using the Wakey bedside speaker by Soundcore, it has made it easier for me to wake up. Prior to the speaker, I would hit the snooze button on my smartphone numerous times before I convinced myself to wake up, but something as minute as holding a button for 2 seconds to completely turn off the alarm has made a considerable difference for me. When it comes to using the speaker to listen to music, the Wakey slightly underperforms with a low end that clutters the high, and a mid that seems to stand alone. But that is easily overshadowed by the speakers’ rich features that can all be controlled via the Soundcore app. Waking up is never a simple thing, especially from a good night’s sleep, but with the Soundcore Wakey, sleeping in will soon be an afterthought.

Score 4/5 Atoms




*The Wakey was provided by Soundcore for review purposes

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