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Our sense of hearing is a fragile one and there’s a lot of things that can cause hearing loss, such as old age, abnormally loud noises, and infections. Thankfully, with today’s technology, it can help those who suffer from a bit of hearing complications to get back what they’ve lost. The IQbuds Boost by Nuheara is a pair of true wireless earbuds that can also amplify your hearing, but can these innovative earbuds really help regain our hearing loss?


The IQBuds Boost (see it on Amazon) is one of the bigger true wireless earbuds that I’ve used, but its size helps to negate any additional noise leaks. The raindrop shape cradles the inside of your ear comfortably with a snug fit, and with the foam ear tips, you’ll be able to wear these for hours without any discomfort. The earbuds are comprised mostly of durable plastic and are finished off with a glossy edge for that touch of lavishness. On both left and right channels, you’ll get a single touch-sensitive button that can be customized to control certain functions, as well as dual digital MEMS microphones.

The carrying case for the IQBuds Boost also has a fairly large size in comparison to other true wireless earbuds. It’s made entirely from plastic that has a matte black finish and can fit squarely in the palm of your hands. There are four LED lights on the inside and outside that will indicate if the earbuds are charging and how much battery power you have left. To activate the LED lights, there is a singular button on the front. And for charging purposes, you’ll get a standard USB-micro port. Inside the case, there aren’t any magnets that would help snap the earbuds into place when you need to charge them. So this caused a problem for me when I would need to recharge the earbuds. The contacts wouldn’t properly line up on my first attempt, which I would then have to realign a few times just to make sure that the earbuds are charging.


When it comes to music the IQBuds perform really well. The low end has a very deep sound to it that gives you an ample amount of bump to bass-heavy music. Mid and highs perform as expected which come in concise and bright, and are not overshadowed by the low end. This makes any music that you prefer listening to sound vast and entertaining. The earbuds last for around 5 hours of listening time, and with the charging case, it extends that to 20 hours. If you’re using the earbuds strictly for hearing processing, then you’ll get around 32 hours of total usage time.

What makes the IQBuds different from typical true wireless earbuds is the fact that you can still hear outside noises over your music. This feature is perfect for travelers and commuters who want to listen to their music while walking or running and still having an awareness of their surroundings. I had my doubts on how the two would be balanced, but surprisingly, neither one overwhelms the other. I was able to still hear my music clearly while still being able to hear surrounding noises with very good accuracy.

Without any music, the IQBuds is wonderful for those who truly have a hard time hearing. I, myself, don’t suffer from any hearing loss. But yet when wearing the earbuds while going for a walk, I was able to hear a lot more than I normally would. It took some time to get used to the number of things I could hear, but after a while, being able to really dial in and hear your surroundings in an amplified manner kept me aware of the things around me. Using the IQBuds at home was also great. Typically when watching TV or a movie, I like the volume to be somewhat high to immerse myself in what I was watching. But that often leads to other people in the household to complain about the volume. With the IQBuds Boost, I can keep the volume at a decent level for everyone and still have my preferred loudness as the earbuds magnified the volume.

One concern I came across with the IQBuds is when you accidentally cover up the onboard microphones, the dual MEMS microphones would cause the earbuds to produce some feedback which resulted in a loud screeching noise.

Smartphone App

To maximize the potential of the IQBuds Boost, there is the accompanying app “IQBuds” which is available for both Android and iOS. When you first launch the application, you’ll go through what Nuheara calls EarID. This is a test that will determine how good or poor your hearing is. The test takes about 10 minutes to complete, and when you’re done, you’ll get a visual that gives you the results that are easy to understand.

The app is loaded with features that expand the usage of the IQBuds. You can customize the touch controls for each tap and double-tap of either side to your preferred preferences. There’s a feature dubbed “World” that will let you control the volume of the outside noise in your current location, whether that is your home, the streets, gym, work, or a restaurant. You can also easily cycle through four favorite locations by tapping your earbuds (if you set the tap controls to that feature). My favorite feature was the “focus” mode, that let you change the microphones from  360-degree to 180-degree, allowing you to hone in more on a person or thing you are listening to while in noisy environments.

Final Reaction

Regardless if you’ve lost some of your hearing or just want to be able to hear in loud environments, the IQBuds Boost by Nuheara is fully capable of being that crutch to help amplify your hearing. It teems with features that give you a handful of options to narrow your hearing so that you can get the most enjoyment out of what you’re watching or experiencing. Second to its innovative technology to help regain your sense of hearing, the IQBuds Boost is also a suitable companion to give you the most out of your music. It delivers great sound performance that’s well balanced and bursting with musical range, as well as simplistic controls that are customizable to your liking. Next to our sight, hearing is one of the most vital senses. And for those who have unfortunately lost some of it, Nuheara’s IQBuds Boost gives us a chance to manage our hearing the way we want to.

Score: 4/5 Atoms




*A pair of the IQBuds Boost from Nuheara was provided for review purposes.

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