World of Warships: Legends is now available to all on PS4 and Xbox One

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World of Warships: Legends has been in early access since April 16th of this year, but today marks the game’s full release worldwide for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Like its PC counterpart, it’s a free-to-play naval battle game where you control WWI and WWII battleships, destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers to dominate the seas. In addition to the release, players will also have the chance to get the most powerful premium ship available, the Battleship Tirpitz. Other new content includes the availability of German Battleships in early access, German destroyers and the “Hunt for Tirpitz” campaign.

The game is developed by Wargaming’s Lesta Studio in Saint Petersburg, and it has been built for console gamers to take full advantage of the current generation consoles. The PC version features 12v12 action, but the console will have 9v9 with UI and controls made for controllers. With fewer ships and the 7-tier progression system instead of 10, expect quicker and more intense battles. Even though the action is faster on the console, World of Warships: Legends is still a slow-paced game where you will need to strategize with your teammates and navigate your ship for the most optimal attacks.

With the new campaign, there will be 100 hundreds of challenges and rewards, including earning the battleship Tirpitz. However, the campaign will be available for five weeks starting on August 12th to September 15th. The Tirpitz is a sturdy and colossal German battleship with secondary cannons. Furthermore, if you want to surprise your enemies, it can also fire torpedoes. The downside is that it’s not great for close-up battles, so try to stay far away as possible.

Rewards from the challenges include credits and premium time, and there’s also new campaign currency that can be used to check out a few of the upcoming German Battleships like the Gneisenau or Bayern.

World of Warships: Legends features over 60 ships and 15 maps, and there are 4 nations (USA, UK, Japan, and Germany), each having 7 commanders. This pales in comparison to the PC version, which has over 300 ships, 10 nations, and 40 maps. But don’t worry, Wargaming will be adding more including new features, ships, and commanders. Ships can be upgraded and modified, and you can unlock them by gaining XP.

For those who haven’t played World of Warships before, the gameplay is definitely slower compared to your typical shooters, but you should feel right at home with the aiming and shooting if you’ve played an FPS game. To aim, press the left trigger, and to shoot, press the right trigger. Steering is done by pressing left or right on the left analog stick, and the speed can be changed. To add more speed, press X on the PS4 controller or A on the Xbox One controller. To lower the speed, press circle (PS4) or B (Xbox One). Shooting is all about predicting where the ship is going to go based on its direction and speed. Fire a shot to see where your bullet lands. If it hits, send a salvo to unleash hell on your enemy. Another thing to note is that the ships will have weaker parts compared to others.

To get you started on playing the game, you’ll be battling AI enemies while being partnered up with other players. You can choose between the 4 different cruiser ships from the 4 different nations. Once you’ve reached level 4, you can continue to face AI enemies, or decide to fight against real players. When facing against players, you’ll be put in random teams. However, if you want to play with your friend, you can add them into your division on the social menu (triangle for PS4 or Y for Xbox One). Campaigns will be available on level 5, and here you can play the different campaigns, learn about basic mechanics, advanced mechanics, ship tiers and more.

HDR is available for consoles that can support it, and expect 4K content to be added later in the year. With console gamers anticipating the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Lesta Studio says that it’s a possibility.

Before its full release, World of Warships: Legends saw 2 million unique players, and the number is definitely going up after today. Stay tuned for more updates on World of Warships!

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