Alamo Drafthouse LA brings the magic of cinema to Downtown LA

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Credit: Nerd Reactor

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Alamo Drafthouse is a theatre chain that started in Texas, and it’s known for its celebration of cinema and strict etiquettes like no phone usage and talking during a showing. Now Los Angeles residents will get to experience the wonder that is Alamo Drafthouse LA, which is located at downtown Los Angeles’ The Bloc. We’ve had the chance to watch a film there while also attending the Big Bash Grand Opening, and it has opened our eyes thanks to the movie-loving employees, the vintage Hollywood design, bar, and a store that rents out DVDs and Blu-rays.

With Alamo Drafthouse LA recently opening, it had to open with a bang. On the evening of August 8th, actors, filmmakers, media, and guests partied, drank, ate, sang and participated in scavenger hunts. The main lobby was turned into a party area with DJs spinning classic tunes and monsters roaming around. Each auditorium featured a different activation including wacky performances, food stations, photo party with balloons, karaoke, comedians, and makeup glam jam. One of the highlights was Dr. Draft’s Carnival of Curiosities. where Dr. Draft performed circus acts including juggling with knives. The audiences watched with amazement and laughed as he performed and told silly jokes.

We had to check the theatre out during a regular day, and watching Once Upon a Time In… Hollywood was very fitting. Before the program, it had a pre-show that focused on movie stunts, and it’s something that you normally wouldn’t see at a regular theater. Each auditorium features servers who will help you with ordering food and drinks. Other typical dine-in theaters have a call button, but Alamo Drafthouse LA continues the tradition of paper and pencil for filling out your orders. There’s even a spot to let them know if a guest is being noisy or rude. Simply put the piece of paper up in the slot on your table, and a server will assist you.

The walls of Alamo Drafthouse LA are a sight to see, and they include vintage and new movie posters, and we were stoked that there was a poster for Mazinger Z.

The auditoriums use 4K laser projectors, but one has a 35mm film projector for showing older films. And like the other locations, it has a full bar and kitchen. Alamo Drafthouse LA is a welcome addition in the downtown Los Angeles area, and it’s great to have a chain show its love for cinema that’s close to the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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