Just Cause 4’s latest DLC introduces the hoverboard

Just Cause 4

Avalanche Studios has released the trailer for Just Cause 4’s third DLC expansion, Danger Rising, and Nerd Reactor had the chance to experience the gameplay mechanics of that sweet new hoverboard. We were told that the hoverboard was created in order to address the needs of traversing over an ocean, but we found out that it was much more than that. Developer Avalanche Studios added a whole new gameplay element of riding on rails and gliding through a base on the hoverboard. We found ourselves traversing through a submarine from end to end in an endless speedy loop. The hoverboard was a much needed addition to the already fun arsenal of travel options.

So here I am over an ocean…

The first that we heard about the hoverboard from Just Cause 4’s third DLC, we were told that it would help those ocean crossings. In fact, I remember a mission in Just Cause 3 with an oil rig in the middle of nowhere. My only option at the time was to steal a helicopter from somewhere, hope it had guns, and just fly myself in the most boring way possible to capture that point of interest. Falling into the water left me with the only option of swimming the rest of the way. With the hoverboard, things have changed a bit in that Back to the Future fashion. The hoverboard stays on your character, Rico, forever in the same way that the parachute and the winged suit stay with you. Upon first equipping the hoverboard on Rico, you get a burst of speed out of nowhere. This helped immensely when I found myself stranded in the water and needing to speed somewhere fast. Of course in the end, maintaining speed becomes a question here, and as with your parachute and your wingsuit, you will want to hook yourself some speed using leverage from your grappling hook.

The Electric Rails

All rules go out the door, when it comes to the rideable electric rails. Scattered throughout some of the new DLC areas are electric rails providing a path akin to a hoverboard expressway. Latching my hoverboard onto the rails reminded me of those old school Tony Hawk Pro Skater days of instant gravity defying momentum. I felt like a gliding master while flying in hot on my wingsuit and instantly pulling out my hoverboard. Turning myself the other way was accomplished in the most Just Cause way possible, you grapple onto something in the reverse direction.

The Submarine

The playground that the Just Cause developers allowed us to play in was a submarine in the middle of the ocean. Prior to the hoverboard, reaching this landmark would have been a headache with only a parachute and wingsuit. Upon further inspection of the submarine, there is a long electric rail transit way. The recently released trailer gives you a good sense of the movement your new hoverboard gives you on these rails. You will have a blast flying past enemies while gunning them down with your assault rifle and mag launchers.

If you were lucky enough to have bought the Just Cause 4 Expansion Pass, then this new DLC would be playable for you a whole 7 days earlier than the rest of the world. Otherwise, look forward for the release of this third DLC on August 29, 2019. It’ll be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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