Snakebyte Game:Pad 4 S Wireless Camouflage Controller review

Snakebyte Gamepad 4 S Wireless Camouflage Controller

There are third-party PlayStation 4 controllers available for those wanting a cheaper alternative to the DualShock 4 controller, and one of them includes Snakebyte Game:Pad 4 S Wireless Camouflage Controller. It’s got the essentials for playing FPS and third-person action games, but since it’s cheaper, that means features like motion detection are removed. So how was our experience with the Snakebyte controller? It’s been a bit of a hit and miss.

There are a lot of third-party controllers that require extra setup to connect to the PS4. With the Snakebyte Game:Pad 4 S Wireless Camouflage Controller, simply plug the accompanied cable from the PS4 to the controller, and it’ll sync up right away. It’s that simple.

Since it’s a cheaper controller, the Snakebyte Game:Pad 4 S Camouflage Controller (see it on Amazon) definitely has a cheaper feel when compared to the DualShock 4. It’s also smaller, and that means the button layouts are slightly more crammed together. The two analog sticks are slightly closer together, and the option and share buttons are very near to the sticks. On the bright side, the controller feels a little bit lighter.

For FPS testing, I played many rounds of Rainbow Six: Siege. The two analog sticks feel stiffer than the DualShock, but I was able to adapt quickly with movement and aiming. Since aiming is important, a good thumbstick is a must. I can say that I’m pretty happy with the Snakebyte Game:Pad analog sticks. I never felt that I died because of them. I also tested the controller out with other games like Apex Legends and Conan Exiles, and my gameplay wasn’t affected.

The controller has dual vibration, and surprisingly, it has more feedback than the DualShock 4. Shooting weapons in The Division 2 felt more satisfying as the rumble was more prominent.

A lot of fighting game fans prefer an arcade joystick, but I prefer a D-pad from a controller for movement and doing combos. With the Snakebyte controller’s D-pad, you can forget about doing combos. Even a simple movement like going walking left will oftentimes result in my character crouching. My controller registers my regular left press as left and down, so I really needed to press left and a bit more up to walk left. It’s very frustrating.

If you’re playing games that rely on motion support, you can forget about it. It doesn’t have motion detection like the DualShock 4, so you’ll have a tough time playing games that utilizes them like Infamous: Second Son and Heavy Rain.

For FPS and battle royale games, I would use the 3.5mm audio input on the controller to connect my headset. At first, it was working fine, but soon my controller had issues since the PS4 kept thinking the headset is still connected, even when I removed the pair. That meant that audio from the game wasn’t coming out of the speakers automatically. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t my PS4 acting weird, so I switched to my regular DualShock 4. The Device Audio switches automatically from the headset to my surround sound speakers without issue. It’s an easy fix since you can go into the PS4 settings and switch the audio device manually.

The Game:Pad 4 S comes with a rechargeable battery inside and it’s convenient compared to controllers that require external batteries. The downside is that the battery life isn’t that great. The DualShock 4 controller isn’t known to have a great battery life, and it drains even more with the lights for the PlayStation Camera and the built-in audio speaker. The Game:Pad 4 S doesn’t have lights for the PlayStation Camera and built-in speaker, and yet the battery life is really low. I would spend half of my playtime with the USB cable connected to make sure my session is continuous.

Final Reaction

Snakebyte’s Gamepad is a serviceable and way cheaper alternative to the DualShock 4, especially for third-person and FPS gaming. But you should avoid it if you like using the Dpad for fighting games and playing a lot of games that require motion detection like the DualShock 4.

Score: 3/5 Atoms

*Snakebyte Game:Pad 4 S Wireless Camouflage Controller was provided by Snakebyte for review purposes.

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