Esqapes Immersive Relaxation is a new VR massage getaway

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Donning those virtual reality headsets is an escape in itself, but it can also do your body good at Esqapes Immersive Relaxation. Located in Los Angeles Mid City, Esqapes provide a way to ease your worries and relax in the middle of your hectic day-to-day. Wearing a VR headset has the expectation to whisk you into another world, but does it do your real body any good? Does it rid your muscles of knots and release that tension that you’ve been holding on to? Those are the solutions that Esqape provided when they invited Nerd Reactor to try out their new service.

Waiting Room Lounge

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The experience starts in an atmosphere not seen too often in the hustling LA environment. Think of how it felt when the androids in Westworld first stepped into the luxurious accommodations of the humans. That’s exactly how I felt when I first stepped into this office. Esqape offers this exact experience because I did not expect to achieve this zen feeling right when opening the door to their office. The waiting area has you reclining in a lounge chair as if you are on a cruise. Your shoes are off and it’s a relaxing vibe in here. It’s not too long that you stay in the waiting area, because they’ll soon call on you to head into your private VR room.

Squeezing Out the Knots

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The massage is achieved using state of the art Dreamwave massage chair in your own private room. You literally sink into the chair when you first sit in it. The tight compression around your legs is one of the especially stress releasing functions. Your entire arms are also engulfed into the chair. Putting on the Oculus Rift S is the next step of your immersive getaway. The state of the art technology of the recently released Oculus Rift S will seal the deal in whisking you away to a destination of your choice.

Places To Go

There are 10 different experiences available underneath those goggles:

Alani Garden
You’ve got your own private garden paradise, surrounded by eternally blossoming Cherry trees. The blue-winged butterflies frolic around you as the fresh mountain wind flows through.

Desert Spa
This lovely spa oasis is located in the middle of a vast desert, complete with sandy dunes and orange skies. The sound of the flowing pool and the warmth of the sun will lull you into sweet relaxation.

Heavenly Garden
Imagine a peaceful garden surrounded by rolling, green hills and a forest of fall colored trees. The brisk wind carries golden leaves across the valley as the smell of lavender permeates the air.

Moroccan Twilight
Bask in the glow of the setting sun as you relax in front of an Olympic-sized pool. This is your own Moroccan resort perched high in the hills. The smell of Jasmine greets you as you kick back.

Snowbank Cabin
Sometimes the comfort of a cozy cabin is all you need to relax. Feel the warmth of the crackling fireplace as you and your furry friend watch the snowfall in the distance.

Standing Rock
This private suite perched in the center of a canyon has a spectacular view of Standing Rock Falls. A calm river flows below as Monarch butterflies explore the red rock formations.

Sunset Beach
You’ve got your own floating cabana and beautiful sunset surrounded by a vanilla sky. Just like the dolphins and seagulls, you won’t have a care in the world!

The Pagoda
Imagine having an ancient Asian palace garden of your own! The Pagoda is perfectly positioned above a calm, babbling brook which intersects an evergreen valley.

The Sauna
Imagine having a private sauna all to yourself! As the fire crackles and the steam rises, you peacefully watch a passing storm roll in. You’re surrounded by warm air and the smell of sandalwood.

Tropical Retreat
You’re comfortably resting in a Koi pond, located in the middle of an island paradise. Macaws are playing in the palm trees above you as the gentle breeze rustles the palm fronds.

Nerd Reactor experienced the Moroccan Twilight and the Tropical Retreat.

Your Own Private Getaway

The experience in this world created by Myesqape is unlike any interactive shooter in VR. You do not fire any guns, and you not pick any objects up. Your only job is to sit, watch, and relax. In the Moroccan Twilight, you can follow the birds and find shapes in the passing clouds. One thing that I did not expect to do is close my eyes and let the sounds permeate my head, most of which was from the Moroccan fountain across the pool from me. The immersion does not stop there, and it’s not just your eyes and ears that are in for a treat. As part of the VR program, you also smell the Moroccan air, as well as feel the heat of the sun on your face. This is literally the ultimate getaway for those that cannot escape the city.

The Esqape Immersive Relaxation office is located in Mid City Los Angeles. Head over to their website to book your getaway. We also spy a 10% discount code on their website so be sure to take advantage of that. This is your chance to experience the feeling of being in a Corona beer commercial lounging on the sand.

Esqapes Immersive Relaxation
5757 Wilshire Blvd
(SAG-Aftra Building)
Suite M111
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 917-5115

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