Valo Motion and Rockin’ Jump combine gaming and physical activity


When one would think of video games and physical activities, they would tend to separate the two as completely different things. But with new technology, the gap has been getting smaller and smaller. Some of the tech to thank for that is the Microsoft Kinect, Nintendo Wii, and VR platforms and games that require flailing your arms. Valo Motion and Rockin’ Jump are aiming to take physical activities and gaming to the next level with ValoJump and ValoClimb.

ValuJump and ValoClimb are two fun activities that require jumping on trampolines and climbing on walls in real life, respectively. These games are available in over 45 countries, and Nerd Reactor was invited to check out them out at Rockin’ Jump in Irvine, CA. The Rockin’ Jump location we visited is definitely geared towards kids, but adults can have fun with the games too.


ValoJump, the interactive trampoline game, is the easiest game to play out of the two. There are a few levels to choose from for ValoJump, and the game is really simple. You’ll be jumping on a trampoline, and the game captures your body and places them into the video game. You can see this in a small monitor in front of you, and depending on how far you jump to your left or right, the character will do the same. Since this is a video game, your actions are amplified on the monitor; for example, you can jump like the Hulk high into the sky. One level had us jumping from one platform to another as the camera moved up. If you’ve played many 2D side-scrollers like Contra on the NES, you’ll be right at home. This is definitely a favorite for many kids at Rockin’ Jump, and for good reasons. You can also compete with another player to see who’s the better jumper.


ValoClimb combines climbing walls and interactive gaming to give you the ultimate in physical activity and gaming. There are many modes to choose from, and our favorite one can be described as Human Pong. A ball is projected onto the wall, and one climber will need to use their body to make the ball bounce towards the opponent’s side. The opponent then must block the ball and hit it the other way, or else the other player will score a point. It sounds easy, but this really uses your muscles since you’ll have to climb up or down in real life while trying to net points. If your stamina and strength are good, then you’ll definitely have it easy.

Since we were at Rockin’ Jump, we couldn’t resist jumping around all the different trampoline areas. There’s trampoline basketball, trampoline dodgeball, and more. This place is like Chuck E. Cheese on steroids, and there is a part of me that wished Rockin’ Jump is able to serve alcohol. However, with the place filled with trampolines and kids, it’s probably a bad idea. You wouldn’t want to jump around and vomit next to a kid.

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